Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Apparently I can't write a real post, so I'll just make another list.

Things that are annoying me right now:

*Certain people on Twitter-unfollow!
*No outside recess b/c it's 14-20 degrees in Georgia
*Hearing my last name, as in, "Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Edwards" on repeat from 22 kids
*Lack of Christmas decor in my house
*Lack of sleep due to snoring (husband) and intermittent crying fits (Emeline)
*People complaining about how many holiday cards they have to do-HELLO it is OPTIONAL. Don't send 200 then.
*My lack of memory and motivation to get things done
*Assessments for report cards
*Grading in general
*Wrapping...........ugh, I need a personal wrapper. This is why you all get gifts in BAGS!
*My complaining-slap me. I am heinous.

Things that I like/love right now:

*Comfy PJ pants
*Most food in general, especially cinnamon toast crunch, pepperjack cheese, cheez-its, and Campbell's Select veggie soup (SAD that food is most of my list)
*Being almost done with school for 2 weeks
*A Christmas CD made for my classroom by my friend Local 6805. It has some SWEET Jimmy Buffet Christmas tunes. Again, I blame my lack of memory for not knowing/remembering the name of the band that Shawna told me.
*Christmas music in general
*Videos from my friend Meredith
*My new Vera "organizer, to do list, notebook of goodness"
*Having a play date with a friend this weekend and having a lunch date with my old team next week!
*Did I mention only 3 more days until break?!?!?!

The Grinch will be leaving the building shortly!


  1. DDM!!! Love your list. I know what I am bringing you for Christmas!

  2. Have to comment on the wrapping thing...my aunt and grandmother used to PAY me to wrap their Christmas gifts...I'd go spend an afternoon and make $20 and wrap TONS of presents. It was a sweet deal all the way around...I did feel a little odd the year my aunt paid me to sign all their Christmas cards. :) (seriously)

  3. i may or may not have just checked to see if you were still following me on twitter or not........just sayin'......


  4. I hope I don't annoy you on twitter.. Some people on there are ANNOYING! love you list! so real --thats why I like you!

  5. Oh, can I suggest you add some Fruity Pebbles to that list? Because I had a HUGH JASS BOWL of that shit last night.

    And your wickles comment inspired me to eat some dill pickles as I cooked dinner last night.

    I love your list and agree with many items on both the good/bad sides - but unfortch I don't get that much time off for the holidays - come visit us!!

  6. Someone once asked me my least favorite nickname and I said by the end of the day the last thing I wanted to hear was my name! I am so excited for two weeks to not hear Mrs. Plichta! Loving the comfy PJs!

  7. Hey sista! Me cant wait to see ya!

  8. I hear ya on the delete people on Twitter commentary. And also, same on the 200 Christmas cards.

    And also, it gripes me when mommas complain NON-STOP about their babies. Those babies will grow up some day and could potentially see what's been said.


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