Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekend O' Fun! Part I

Last weekend we went to Nashville to celebrate Laura's baby shower. It was soooo fun! Emily and I took Friday off and drove up to start the festivities with our other hoochie friends. My friend Kelly asked me if calling your real friends "hoochies" was a Southern thing. :D Ha! I guess so-but maybe it's an Auburn thing?? Not sure, but we love the name! :D

You can read Laura's post about the shower here. I cannot even do it justice since I was chasing Miss Thang over here throughout the whole shower. I only got like 10 pics!

Running from mommy
Em with Auntie Em

The table centerpiece-sour candies!

Laura glowing and opening tons of gifts!

Next up: Emma and her future hubby boyfriend Jackson!

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  1. It was SOOO awesome and I loved having all my hoochies and junior hoochies in training here!


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