Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This is a public service announcement for all you moms or girls who are gonna be a mom someday.

See that "cool" phone up there-yeah, that is my phone. Now imagine a gel cover on it. Now imagine you have a 9 month old who is teething. Now imagine she consistently "eats" said phone every day for about 2 months.

What happens when you go out of town all weekend with this child, and leave your hubby at home? The phone will break. While you try to fix it, you take off the back and you have to pour out the drool from the battery pack/SIM card.

Yeah, not smart and/or cool. Plus, my friends gave me mad grief all weekend for letting her "eat" the phone. OK, A) it made her happy, and 2) this just sped up my iPhone process by thatmuchmore. :D

I finally got it back in semi-working order on Sunday afternoon. It sat in a bowl of dry rice all weekend and still was giving me the snow screen. I was ready to throw in the towel, but I persisted for my cool, hip, happenin' phone. And I texted said friends and said, "Wassup!!! I'm on my phone." :D

So, the lesson is give the baby an old cell phone to play with.

Now, how many more days till my contract is up???

Happy Tuesday y'all!


  1. The new iphone comes out June 9th. Wait for it because the new stuff it has will be worth it!

  2. Hope the dry rice and whatever else you did didn't ruin the "flavor" for Miss Emma!

  3. Oh my - that is so funny!

    I heard that if you put a phone in a 250 degree oven for 8 minutes, it will dry out perfectly. (I have NOT tried this myself though.)

  4. LOL yes said friends, feel very nervous at the idea of momma's and babies having no working cell.
    Said friends also feel nervous about mixing babies and electronics. I may need sedatives when my own baby gets here.

  5. Why do they love cell phones so much? Mine is a piece too and I waiting for it to just die so I can get an iphone. Until then i just continue to complain so hubs will feel sorry for me. And... dang Laura for keeping you for herself. We are coming to Atl in June to go to aquarium. Want to meet up?

  6. Haha, I can totally see that happening to me! My 4-month-old already loves to grab my Blackberry, and the drool has just begun...not a good combo! :)


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