Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nine Months

Oh my dear, sweet Emma,
This month you were nine months old. Mommy has been having issues getting stuff done lately, that is the reason that this post is happening on May 12th, 8 days after you actually turned nine months old. Sorry monkey.

This month has brought many changes for us. You are now completely mobile. You crawl at the speed of light and can escape a room in seconds. You are also pulling up all over the place. And falling down. You still only have two bottom teeth-but just barely. They are still working their way through. You do not like real food. You still drink lots of bottles (7 ounces each) and 3-4 meals of baby food/yogurt per day. You are also putting down some sippy cup drinks. I have tried to give you puffs, melts, and biter biscuits, but you have no interest in food. You generally feed it to Flash or Bart. You have started throwing things from your high chair-your sippy cup, binky, spoon, etc. It's kind of annoying but cute.

You have had a cold/sinus infection/croup/cough/NASTINESS for almost 3 weeks now-you are on medicine, and the croup is getting better/going away, but the RUNNY NOSE for the love...make it stop please!

Tonight, you pitched your first temper tantrum. We were in the bathtub-you sit in the real tub now, you have outgrown all the baby tubs! You kept standing up and I kept sitting you down telling you, "No." You decided you didn't like that. I am so sorry, but I had to give you your first hiney spanking. You cried and started pitching a holy fit. Once I got you out and wrapped you up, you calmed down a little. Then, when I started putting your lotion on, you started up again! Kicking those little legs and screaming up a storm! It was pitiful and funny at the same time. (Is that wrong??) I was having conversations with you, telling you that mommy was not going to have a spoiled brat for a kid, but I don't think you understood. Oh Emma, I am scared for your toddler years.

You are so my sweet girl though! Look at the evidence!

Oh.em.gee-the hair, the outfit on backwards-I wonder who got you ready this morning? Daddy???

On the move my little one. I adore you.

Rear view. How presh! Seriously, notice the outfit-on backwards. :D

Hi my brothers!

Hi mommy!

I need to get in here please. And touch that knife. The butter knife.

And I'm going to need to hold said knife in hand. Just to see what it's all about. Please and thank you.

Best shot I got of her holding the sign. Actually, quite cute!

Oh my beautiful princess-look at those eyes!

Darling, you are more than I could ever have imagined/hoped/wished/prayed for. I cannot believe you have been outside of me for as long as you were inside of me.
You make us so happy. You continue to amaze me. I am so thankful for you every day, even when you are having a tantrum. :D Stay as sweet and incredible forever please baby!
I love you!


  1. Okay girlfriend, first thing you say is "J, thank you for dressing our daughter!" Nobody would have noticed the backwards outfit on this angelic piece of heaven if you hadn't said something! And you are right, the eyes are breathtaking!!
    Emma, your Nonnie loves you! ♥

  2. Beautiful! Lu started throwing temper tantrums too. God help us! She is seriously cute.

  3. susannah she is such a little doll baby.. Thanks for the comment on teaching! What grade do you teach? One of my friends actually moved to GA b/c of the awful pay... Sounds like you are a great teacher!

  4. Oh, those eyes! She melts my heart! I want one just like her! Even the thought of her pitching a fit about a hiney-spanking is cute! (I'm sure it isn't when you're in the middle of it, but you know...grass is always greener on the other side...)

  5. She is darling.

    I don't want spoiled brats either! :) And oh...those tantrums. Little Man threw his hat AT the doctor yesterday. Spoiled brat. Yes, I dealt with it when we got home. It wasn't pretty.

    Happy Ninth Month sweet girl!!!

  6. I know you are tired of hearing this but I LOVE having a little 1" square of Emma on my home page of AT&T! Whatever picture you post on your blog shows up there because that's how I first signed up for it. It is great!!


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