Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ramblings of a Domestic Diva

Hi Sweets! I have been domesticating it up, diva style this weekend!

I have some questions for you before sharing my domesticities. And then a Menu Monday-it's been awhile, no??

*When you have something to ship, how do you ship it? I have been going to a UPS store for convenience, but it is costing me an arm and a leg. I ship a lot. So, do share how you do this.

*Where can I get zip up PJ's for Emma? I used to get them from Walmart, but they are no more. It is so hard to wrangle a 9 month old into button up PJ's-those should all be banned!

*How do you cut your cantaloupe? I am having major issues with this. :D I go through about 2 cantaloupes per week, and I am OVER trying to find the fastest/best way to cut them.

Moving on-yesterday was a super fun day-for me! :D After I recovered from a bit too much girl's night fun on Friday (PTL that Emma slept until 9:30-I know!) we were off to run some errands. I had to get some last minute tidbits for my bestie's baby shower that is next weekend. Sidenote: it is soooo hard for me to reign it in at Babies-R-Us-I always end up getting like 3-4 things for Emma every time I go for someone else.

Next, I went to Ann Taylor to get a shower outfit. Ladies, I flipping bought a size 8 in some pants and skirts! Holy crap! This is huge! And a medium in shirts! I am still like, "Are you sure this is my size???" Hubby went with me and was my critiquer. I got several pieces that I can wear to work and a really cute shower outfit-white lined pants and a ruffle tank. Love. Anyway, that afternoon we had a professional photo shoot for Emma-it was hilarious and fun. Girlfriend changed clothes 4 times! We got a ton of precious shots, and I can't wait for the photographer to give us the CD and prints! Yay!

Later, we went to eat Mexican and celebrate that ALL of my kids passed ALL SECTIONS of the state standardized testing. What a relief!

Today has been spent with washing six, yes six, loads of clothing and sheets, vacuuming (yay for vacuum lines, right K :D), folding said clothes, grocery shopping, and preparing foodstuffs for the upcoming week and tonight's dinner. I just cut 2 cantaloupes, 6 kiwis, and 2 pints of strawberries. I also made homemade salsa for tonight's fajitas, cooked the chicken for the fajitas, and cut the onions and pepper for fajitas. FAJITAS anyone? Dang, I haven't used that word so much in my whole life.

Emma and I also went to return some shorts to Old Navy (that are too big! :D) and I got two cute maxi dress things-I have never bought things like this before. I tell ya, losing weight is so good for your mind and body, but so bad for the bank account. I am wanting to buy soooo many things because stuff fits and looks cute!

Hubby has cut the front and back yard, and is preparing to give our eczema covered hound dog a bath-I will have to take a picture and show you his nastiness. It is sad really. His whole back is COVERED in spots-he looks like a leopard. But, if you look at them closely, they are peeling and nasty and flaky. It is super gross. The vet has prescribed him some shampoo that has to sit on his back for fifteen minutes. Do tell, how do you get a dog with shampoo on his back to chill for fifteen minutes?

Woah, we are super busy round these parts! Now, for a menu.

Sunday-chicken fajitas with onions, peppers, and corn, served with chips and homemade salsa
Monday-WW spaghetti with asparagus and turkey sausage, served with sweet corn
Tuesday-crockpot chicken stroganoff served with salad
Wednesday-the usual standby: turkey burgers served with broccoli and baked Lays
Thursday-baked chicken served with WW stir fry veggies and low fat mac-n-cheese
Friday-leaving town in the AM for Nashvegas with other bestie for said bestie's shower! Super excited-no work that day!!!

Weekend-commence fun with best hoochies from college! Cannot wait to see you all: Em, Laura, Nicole, Cory! Yay to the Yay!

Updates are sure to follow.

So, if you have any advice on my asterisked questions, please share. Also, if you want a recipe, just ask! I hope you all have had a fun, relaxing, productive weekend!



  1. OMG I love it! I got to go shopping with my mama this weekend and ON has so many cute sundresses - LOVE IT! YAYAY!

    And as for the 'loupe, I tend to cut it in half, scoop out the seeds, cut the halves into slices, and then cut off the skin and then cut into chunks. It's a process, but the only way I know how. How are you doing it right now? I will be checking back for others' ideas!

  2. Dear you are making me tired just reading about what all you are doing! I do the cantelope same as BEG but I don't cut the slices into pieces. I bought one this past week at Murphrees and let it sit in kitchen for 2 whole days before I cut it. IT IS THE BEST WE HAVE HAD IN THE PAST TWO YEARS!!!
    Can't wait to see the photos of Miss Em. Y'all have fun in Nashville and please check on your Grannie! I will e-mail you her cell number and her number where she is staying. She really needs to see Emma while you are there (if you can). Love you tons!! ♥

  3. Good luck finding Zips past 9 months. When Gray was little, he wore zips until he was like 2, but I can't find them anywhere past 9 months for Gracie, so she is just wearing PJs that are shirts and pants. I was worried about her feet getting cold, but everytime I check on her, they are warm and toasty, so she doesn't seem to be bothered. Also, Wmart has cute PJs for about 5 dollars. They are faded glory brand and come in a box. I bought on in every color because they were so cheap!

  4. Yay for those teeny tiny clothes you own and fit into!

    And double yay for being a fabulous teacher and having those kids excel! All of them!

    Woo hoo!

  5. Get it Girl! You have been a busy lady today! At work we cut both ends of the canteloupe off and then cut off all the skin, cut in half and scoop out the seeds with a metal spoon then slice in half and chunk or slice! YUMM! How do you make your turkey burgers? Hubs says he doesn't really like turkey anymore so I am trying to find some new ways!

  6. For your questions:

    *I ship using our Local Post Office. It is convenient & tends to be cheaper than UPS.

    *I can't help you on the PJ's

    *Canteloupe makes me wanna vom. Seriously ridiculously hate it.

    Congrats on all your new clothes!! What a great feeling, huh?

    have fun in Nashville! I love that city!

  7. So in answer to your questions, I tend to ship via the local post office but I run the cost through ups/usps and fed ex to find the cheapest. I cut cantaloupes same as BEG and as for the pajamas, lands end makes zip up fleece pajamas for kids all the way up to like 9 or 10. Otherwise, there are a number of places that carry them online. Yardsales are another excellent source, you can often find them either new or gently used!

  8. Oh and congrats on the new clothes (and the new size)!!!! It sounds like it was a fun shopping trip!

  9. Susannah-I love the Gerber Sleep n Play PJs--they are long sleeved with footies and zip up. That's all I sleep Nolan in--warm enough to not need a blanket but light enough to not get too hot in the summer. I think you can get them at Target or Babies R Us. Not sure how they'll work for older babies, but Nolan's in the 3-6 month size and they work great!

  10. I really like the zip up jammies from Children's Place!

  11. I hate cutting cantaloupe too. I ended up buying a melon baller last year so I cut it in half scoop the seeds out and then use that. Then Ellie can do it too. But other than that I have no new ideas for you. :) XOXO

  12. Hooray for those maxi dresses! They are a staple in the blog world. And I cut my cantaloupe in half. Scoop out the seeds. Skin it. Cut up into pieces. And voila! And now I want one!!

  13. I'm really behind in posting this, but, here goes!
    1. Post Office for shipping
    2. I agree with Mrs. Life on the Landsend PJ's, they are great quality. After Rutledge grew out of the footie zips, I went on and switched to 2 piece pj's. I did put socks on his feet to sleep though.
    3. I don't eat melon of any kind:( Weird, right? I know. Anywho, my mama cuts like this: slice cantelope in half, scoop out seeds, cut in slices, take your knife to the tip of each slice and run it as close to the skin as you can, then cut into bite size pieces.
    Loving your posts!!! Hope you enjoy your summer vaca!!!!

  14. I can't believe how big Emma is getting! I am glad things seem to be going so good for you guys. Its been CRAZY on my end, which is why I haven't been able to check in lately. We just moved, along with lots of other crazy things... BUT hopefully things will start calming down.

    I buy the little munchkin's zip up pj's at the Children Place. They are super soft and comfy too. Here's a link to their site if you don't have one near you.|24557|24523_newborn|girls|sleepwear

  15. Yes, that's what I was gonna say - Children's Place has lots of zip-up footed PJ's! They're cute and comfy! :)

  16. Your blog is so cute! Love it!

    We had fajitas last night and they were so good!

  17. We need some photos of your skinny self as motivation! Way to go!!! I would also love to hear what you eat on a normal day or some of your favorites.

  18. children's place has zip up pj's in larger sizes.

    I bought a scale off ebay (you can use your scale @ home if it measures in pounds/ounces). I pack my stuff up, weigh, and then go on the USPS website to print off mailing labels. then you can schedule a pick up with your mail person. easy!


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