Saturday, May 15, 2010

Birmingham Trip Recap

We had such a good time at my parent's house over the Mother's Day weekend! We got in late Friday night, and early Saturday morning, this is what Miss Emma was up to. Pulling all mom's tupperware out and playing with/eating it.

Oh, my niecey nash is so presh! I literally had to restrain myself from crawling in the bassinet with her and taking a nap. I spent the day with Sister helping her with Letta.

Here we are about to have the first bath. About halfway through, girlfriend pooped on the towel as we were washing her and started screaming crying. Sarah said, "Never mind, I don't want to do this anymore!" Hilarious! She also said I would have to come back next weekend for the next bath. Ewww-I think she has bathed her since then. :D
Look at the baby tree frog!

Oh, little monkey-look at those eyes!

This is my dad's invention-I think crap like this is totally normal-then I remember who my parents are. :D Dad has "Gitmos" set up all over the yard for the devil diggers chipmunks that inhabit his yard and destroy his flowers. We caught one in it when NO men were around, so mom and I took it upon ourselves to drive the chipmunk about a mile away and release it. Cause there is no telling what my dad really does with them. Umm hmm

Here is where my dad lives. His man cave, a.k.a. the detached garage.

Me and my youngest son posing on MLP-also known as My Little Pony, the riding lawn mower.

This is ONE of my dad's grills. At last count, I think there were 4. This thing produced some heavenly chicken on Saturday night.

This is one wall of "stuff" found in his cave of manliness. Yes, those are deer antlers lining the pegboard.

Ah, yes. The mysterious, sometimes anonymous husband. He is real. :D We are posing with our oldest son in the background. That "stick" in my hand was his toy.

We had a great time! If the drive wasn't so long and we didn't have to wait till Friday to leave, we would definitely visit more often!
Miss you guys already!


  1. the little girly is so so cute! I'm glad you had a good time :)

  2. All of you look good! Glad you had a wonderful time! XOXO


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