Saturday, June 2, 2012

Nashville Updates

Well, yesterday Sarah and I left Birmingham to head to Nashville to check on our Grannie Annie. She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and had some fluid in her lungs and her kidneys are in pretty bad shape. Sooo, please keep our Grannie in your thoughts.

As usual, whenever Sarah and I travel together, it's a barrel of laughs. We started our trip with a stop by Burger King to get some breakfast, and after placing our order, we were informed to, "pull to the secont winda fo ya total." We thought this was the funniest thing we had ever heard and proceeded to laugh and repeat it for at least 30 minutes. Once we were in Tennessee, we stopped to go to the bathroom and get lottery tickets, at one of the shadiest places we've been in awhile. Next door to the Boobie Bungalow. Right on. We spent a good thirty minutes playing this game with quarters, totally addicting because we would win, then spend our winnings immediately.

We made good time to the hospital since we left home at 7:45, so once we knew Grannie was up, we booked it over. It was fun to visit and see Grannie in better spirits and talk to some of her doctors. Things seem to be much better, but we have a long way to go to get Grannie home and back to normal.

After we ate lunch, we stopped to get more lottery tickets. This stop was unfortunate because the cashier boy was alone and there were about 8 people in line. Then we started getting our lottery tickets and the line grew. This joker started getting real agitated and started sighing. Of course he had a GIANT faux zirconia in his ear, and Sarah felt it appropriate to tell him, "Don't stress, you have that sweet rock in your ear." I literally busted out laughing in his face and had to walk out of the gas station before he punched me. This is just typical of us when we get together.

As usual, we are enjoying our nights playing cards and games with a few drinks! It's good to be here, seeing Grannie and visiting, singing songs and reminiscing about our favorite childhood memories. I will be sad to leave tomorrow, but Jason and I are planning to come back in two weeks with the kids so they can see Grannie.

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  1. Prayers for Grannie Annie - hope she's feeling much better nowadays!


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