Monday, June 25, 2012

Crappy Customer Service

Recently, I have had some AWFUL customer service.

It all started when I called to book my hotel room for this weekend's family reunion in Nashville. First of all, why do they have to transfer you a general reservation hotline instead of doing it themselves? I ended up talking to an Indian named "Zach" who pretty much couldn't understand anything I wanted or said. When I tried to use Jason's Hilton Honors points to get rewarded, he informed me that if Jason wasn't coming, I couldn't earn any points. I'm sorry, but that is complete crap. We are still members and are PAYING YOU to stay there. Give me my measly points so I can get a free room come Thanksgiving. Then, I asked him if I could get a room on the first floor since I have two kids and am flying solo, and he was real confused and not sure if that could happen. It's Nashville, not Vegas. Get real. Then, when I asked him if I could get a special rate for pre-paying, he was also unsure. My sister had JUST gotten off the phone where her operator offered her this deal-when I explained that to him, he had to "check" and then was reluctant. I'll be shocked if I get my $10 discount! Come on Hilton, let's get someone who can understand me and offer me the things I deserve AND give me the points I'm earning.

Next up, Target in Montgomery. I went in and got a few things, including a bath toy storage thing and some panties for Emma. When I got back to Atlanta, I noticed the panties were GIANT and will have to be exchanged. I got the receipt. looked it over, and noticed the panties were nowhere on there. Then I noticed the bath toy thing that was $14.99 was rung up TWICE. Ugh. I called the Target to see what could be done (since I live 3 hours away) and they informed me that they couldn't refund me unless I came BACK to their store. Also, they would have to "see" what to do about the panties. Ummm, this was not my mistake. The cashier didn't ring the panties up, then rang the toy up twice. After going round and round with the "customer service" person, she had to call me back after calling my local Target to work something out. Well, I will be able to exchange the panties here, but no dice on the refund. She's going to send me some coupons to make up the difference. How kind. Because I really want coupons instead of MONEY.

Finally, our new local pizza place. First of all, please train your employees on listening to the customer on the phone. I asked for delivery, and within 4 minutes was asked if it was for delivery three times. Also, please help them learn how to repeat credit card numbers and expiration dates back to the customers so that they don't make a mistake 390 times when getting your card number. Also, they can and should say, "Thanks for your order" and tell you how long it will be.

All of these things are minuscule in the grand scheme of things, but it really burns my biscuits when people dealing in customer service are not accommodating and gracious and thankful for your business.

Tell me, what is the WORST customer service you have received?


  1. Mine was with our last cable company. Our Internet service kept dropping out and I was taking an online class! First they thought it was the router, but when they got here they decided it wasn't that but something else. I think they came out 3 times and on the last time they sent the guy out who fixes everyone else's mistakes and it the guy that installed it in the first place KNEW there was an issue but didn't fix it because he didn't have time! They should have told us and then scheduled an appointment to fix it if they couldn't do it then! The last guy they sent was awesome, but I'd already called to switch companies by the time he got there. I let him fix the problem, but we still switched. We have service that isn't nearly as good, but I refuse to go back because the customer service was awful. My other frustration was with a company I worked for once. I went to the Disney school of customer service so I expect people to at least try.

  2. This totally just struck a chord with me! I was trying to buy new running sneakers today and the man helping me made me feel like a total idiot. I was trying to explain what I liked and didn't like about the shoes and some of the problems that I have when running and he just looked at me like I had five heads and basically said I wasn't making any sense. Which was probably true, but it's your job to help me, so please don't be an a-hole. If I didn't like the store so much, I definitely would not be going back! What is it with people these days?!

  3. T-Mobile trying to pull a 1,000 dollar fee on me for cancelling our cell phones when I was told from day one that, since my husband had no coverage at work, it was ZERO dollars to cancel our contract. Bitch, don't you think I would have taken such a hefty sum into consideration and not cancelled if I had known that in the first place? I sent out a blast email to corporate people in TMobile, finding their email addresses on the internet, and sent a two page letter detailing the entire situation over the past four months. Paid zero cents after the COO emailed me back.

    Those crappy customer service stories really goad me.


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