Monday, November 12, 2012

Miscellaneous Biz

First and foremost, this is my beautiful grandmother, Anne McCary Trickey, God rest her soul. My grannie passed on October 13. She lived a very full, long life with her four children, nine grandchildren, and three great grandchildren. She was a master bridge player and still played actively, multiple times a week. She was involved in her church and was just a sweet, precious, loving, entertaining lady. I miss her more than I thought possible. She was my last living grand parent. I feel like 33 years was not enough time to learn all about her. I did love going to visit her, especially with the kids, because she would talk to me about her life growing up and it was so fascinating and nice to have grown up talk with her. I have so many memories tucked away of her. I just love you so much Grannie Annie, and I know you are happy. But it still hurts.

This is my beautiful grandmother on her wedding day.

This is Grannie on her birthday. I believe she was a young lady, around 16 or 17.

And my photography skills of pictures in glass leave much to be desired. Can anyone give me some tips (other than looking online) on how to get a good picture without the horrid flash? I turned the flash off on some other pics, but then I saw MY reflection. So, anything?

In other news, the Sunday before Halloween, we carved our pumpkin. Emma chose a ghost for the carving, and they set to work while I supervised.

Yay, daddy!

And on Halloween, Emma's class had a little pumpkin patch at school.  It was so cute! It was also PJ day, so seeing the kidlets in their PJ's was precious!

That's about all for now! Next up, Halloween! :)


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