Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

Since I still haven't even started getting things out for Christmas decorating, why not blog about our Thanksgiving? Ha! We had a great time traveling around and seeing ALL of our families!

First we went to Nashville and stayed with bestie! Luckily, she has a nice, big house for us to crash at and has a high tolerance for mess and loudness! And when you put six adults, four children, and two lively Yorkies under one roof, shiz is about to get real, right quick.

After starting out trip out with Jason leaving my iPhone on the roof of the car, then pulling onto I-75 (do the math-it was bad), we started our first full day in Nashville going to an AT&T store so I could get an upgrade (and not get glass in my face/ear/hand.) After FINALLY getting the new phone, getting it set up, and eating lunch, we went to the cemetery to see Grannie. May I also point out that this was around 3:00 and my kids nap around 2:00. The moods were....difficult, to say the least. I had a nice long talk with Grannie while the heathens went on around the cemetery and attempted to pluck flowers/flags/etc out of the ground. Yikes.

On Thursday, we headed over to Grannie's and got the festivities going!


My precious niece Scarlet posing by Buddy.

This is my cousin James (aka Bubba) who moved to St. Croix on Monday for a chef job!

My Daddy

It wouldn't be a Trickey family gathering without Melissa giving out free haircuts to the men folk.

Bestie and her boy (aka Laura and Fenn)

Bestie's hubby Erik (he's a cool cat)

My "about to get married" cousin snuggling Buddy after his nap. 
So sweet.

Playing cornhole-since Uncle CR travels with his boards!

The piano buffet of shiz-not cute with the foil on, but Aunt Kathy would've beat me.

And in true sister fashion, I got a little jig on camera. ha!

On Friday we left Nashville and headed to Montgomery for a four day play fest! We had a great time just chilling, eating, cooking, and playing with family. And then both kids got pinkeye on Monday. The pits. What the.

So we came back home on Tuesday and we are still trying to get it together! Did y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, too?

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  1. It was tons of fun and I wish we were right back there! I miss y'all!


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