Saturday, December 1, 2012

Where do you hide the goods?

So, Christmas is fast approaching, and I've been socking away all of my presents for a few months now. The problem now lies in the fact that I have a few large items (dollhouse, toddler basketball goal, toy toolbench, Littlest Pet Shop, etc) that I have to hide, and I practically have no place to do it where the kids won't be. (#firstworldproblems)

I currently have all of the kids' stuff under a giant tablecloth in the majorly disorganized junkpit that we call a garage. Last week while packing the car, Harrison walked up to me with a Dora DVD from the stash. Problem dude.

I can't have them knowing/seeing/Santa stuff. We have no attic space (it's about 2x5 and full of suitcases and boxed baby keepsake clothes), we have no basement, we have no guest rooms currently. I would consider my closet, but some mornings while getting ready, the kids go in there and play with my shoes.

So, where do you hide the Christmas goods? The stuff I've bought for other family members is in the hall closet, but if they saw that, it wouldn't be the end of the world.

I guess I'm going to HAVE TO get my a$$ in gear and clean/organize the garage so I can properly hide the goods. But, I was hoping to avoid it. So, tell me, where do you hide your Christmas goods?


  1. I keep mine in the office closet. I remember my parents hiding the Christmas gift in the furnace room. We stored our off-season clothes in large cardboard boxes that were stored on a shelving system. My mom would often put presents in the cardboard boxes and it'd look like clothes were stored there. I know this because I snooped when I got older, obvi. But as a kid, I never knew. Do you have a shed? You could try that?

  2. We're traveling for the holidays, I sent all the prezzies (via amazon) to my mama's house. Could you store them at a family member's house?

  3. In an antique armoire - locked - and I hide the key. ;) And what won't fit in there, we stash at our neighbors.

  4. All of Sully's stuff is in his closet since he can't get the door open and his big present, a 4-wheeler, is in our neighbors garage!

  5. Mine are stored in the living room - unwrapped! I am patiently waiting on a Christmas elf to surprise me by wrapping them and possibly putting up my tree. YIKES, am I behind!! We used to hide them in the garage or trunk of cars.


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