Saturday, December 8, 2012

Randomosity (to make up for the bitching)

Well, an update to yesterday's post-my ear feels much better after another steroid shot and the CORRECT Mucinex prescription. You know, the one that you can make drugs from and have to show your driver's license for. Yeah, that one, I had the wrong one all week. So, hopefully all of my congestion will break up and relieve the ear pressure. I am feeling much better (and more hyper from the steroids), so shit has been getting done today. A to the men.

So, let's have some pics of the monkeys and see what they've been up to!

Okay, first up, that is my child in a bubble walking on water. Ha! We were at the BBQ cook off in Cumming and she saw this and begged to do it. She got in the deflated bubble, they blew it up, zipped her up, and pushed her off. I was expecting major wiggage, but she LOVED IT. It was hilar.

And here is sassy pants at Walmart, wearing a silver sequined Hello Kitty hat and tasting a chocolate sample. Just. Really? No words. (Except I heart iphone for the extensive capability of awesome pics like this.)

And Master Edwards at Academy Sports, eating a lolli and "fishing" while daddy shops. Just so busy.

Ha! Feel the burn! Emma at a birthday party at our favorite haunt, Catch Air. 
They had a kids workout section at this location. She was working it!

Ummmm. Yes. Feeding himself yogurt. Pretty much always ends with him 
licking the inside of the container. Oh well. He's cute and it's healthy.

Preshy on the first day of school in December. Still rocking last years Christmas dress and being adorbs. 
We are wearing Christmas outfits all nine days of school this month!

"Princess Jasmine" is wearing a couture scarf, dress up heels, and a denim purse. 
She had a date with the Sultan. According to her. Yikes.

And Buddy is cute in his Santa applique shirt on the first day of 
December school! Too bad it's covered up!

Harrison sat in Emma's booster for the first time ever to eat breakfast! He was a big boy!

And today, Emma and Harrison's FeFe sent them some Christmas slippers! Emma got light up Rudolph slippers, and Buddy got some Rudolph sock slippers! They are SO cute and Harrison will chase Emma all around to get those light up slippers! Thanks, Feef!

So, clearly we have been busy with such interesting things! What are you all up to? Besides shopping, decorating, and wrapping?


  1. It sounds like things are starting off much better today - YEA! The pictures are adorable! I love that one of Emma in the bubble, walking on water! How cool! I have never seen something like that! Here's to a better week for the Edwards!!

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