Monday, December 31, 2012

Year End in review

Well, I don't have any links or other things to post, but it has been a fun, wild year! I'm going to bullet what I remember.

*In January, Emma moved into her big girl bed and I went gluten free. We started eating lots of yummy GF foods. I turned 33 and scored a Shark steam mop and began my Scentsy obsession.

*In February and March I was apparently too busy (read lazy) to blog and posted my menu and dealt with a lot of kid sickness. We continued to travel to Montgomery and Birmingham a good bit, too.

*In April, I read a lot of books during nap time, did a review for Fashion to Figure, and we took the family to a Braves game. We also had Easter in Birmingham with both sides of the family, went to Nashville to play with friends and see Grannie, and I dropped off my clothes for the big summer sale. This was also the month of Harrison pooping OUT OF HIS ENTIRE OUTFIT in Kroger and riding home with a plastic grocery bag as a diaper.

*In May, Harrison and Emma both got a haircut and we went to St George Island with Jason's family for a week of bliss!!

*In June, Harrison turned one and Emma became potty trained!!! We also celebrated sister's 30th birthday in Atl!! We also went to Nashville for a family reunion. Sarah and I also went to see Grannie in the hospital when she was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. I am so glad to have had that time with her!

*In July, Emma had ballet camp and we had a fun 60th birthday (Alice in Wonderland tea party) for my MIL. I posted lots of weekly menus and teamed up with Campus Book Rentals to bring awareness to Operation Smile. Jason and I celebrated 8 years of marriage and I wrote about Project Hope and infant loss. We went to a super fun July 4 party and I almost lost my mind with Emma's picky eating habits.

*In August, we went to Orange Beach with my sister and brother for a week and had a blast!!! We also celebrated Emma's third birthday at my sister's house with a major Care Bears theme!! I also won an awesome Oreck Magnesium from Stuttering Shell!! Score!

*In September, I went to the Southeast's biggest consignment sale with my sissy and we scored all of the kids' fall and winter clothes, plus a few Christmas toys. I also almost lost my mind this month being with the kids 24/7, so we researched Christian day schools in our area and signed the kids up to start in October.

*In October, the children started day school three days per week, for four hours a day. And I became sane again. We also did Halloween with my friend Jill and had a great time at the pumpkin patch!! I also had to say goodbye to my precious Grannie Annie on October 13. We had a bit more sickness, too.

*In November, we got Mr. Harrison tubes. We went out of town for two family Thanksgivings and had a blast! It was great to be back at Grannie's house for one last hoo-rah! Also, Sarah and Scarlet came for a girls weekend!

*This December has brought the obvious with a lot of decorating, cooking, shopping, and crafting. We also went to a BBQ cook off in our town and Emma walked on water in a giant bubble. We had tons of play dates at the jump house. I got a double ear infection, so that Or not. We are ending our year in Birmingham with my family and trying not to shank the kids who are in a bit of a funky mood.

I hope you all have a fabulous and safe New Years Eve and a wonderful 2013!!

Sorry for the lack of links, I'm working from my iPad!!

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