Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Decor

Welcome! I wanted to show you around our Christmas-ified home! Excuse the pictures, a profesh I am not. 

Our entryway table with copious amounts of Santas all over. These were my moms and she handed them over when she quit going all out a few years ago. I love them and think they are a good addition! 

A desk in the foyer. I like this cute little gift box. Very rustic looking.

The kitchen table. Cute reversible placemats from Bed Bath and Beyond from my MIL! Add in a few holiday plates with glitter ornaments, and a trifle dish with faux cranberries and a candle, and you have insta table decor.

Our precious handmade stockings, all by my mom! See Emma's sweet hand holding them toward the camera for me? Ha! I love my red stocking from childhood! And I think it's cool that they don't all match.

Our pretty faux tree, with built in lights! Another hand me down from mom, I love it because I don't have to water or vacuum needles up, and I don't have to string lights! I went with a red/green/silver/gold theme this year. I love how it turned out! I'm not liking my window valances at all. Note to self, get some nice drapes, stat!

On the shelf in the armoire, a few Christmas books, a yummy winter candle from BBW, 
and last year's Santa pic! We will add this year's pic soon!

I looked everywhere for a card/invitation display holder, but couldn't find one! I found this metal artwork thing at Hobby Lobby for $15 and I like it. I just nestle the cards in each section. This will come down after the holidays, as it's right by the garage entryway.

Some festive garland with red ball ornaments going up the stairs. I will spare you
 the landing pic, since I was shooting from an awkward position.

And to just keep it real, the buffet in my dining room, aka the staging area for some of my homemade gifts. Yikes a roo! I need to get busy on that!


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  1. This looks great! Good job Momma. Now let's discuss those BEAUTIFUL heirloom stockings! Erik and I both have one our moms made us, and I have none for my boy. Do you think I could pay Momma Cary a ridiculous amount to make me one of those beauties? Find out for me!!


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