Monday, February 14, 2011

Hey Y'all!!

Let's play catch up, a la bullet points and lotsa pictures, shall we??

Sure, we've been eating Mexican on a weekly basis. Heck, our kid probably thinks dinner comes from a restaurant after this weekend. A high chair is her second home.
Here she is LICKING the salsa off of tortilla chips.

And my dessert: the Chick Fil A ice dream cone. What? I'm pretty sure it's low fat.

SHUT UP. Seriously. It is good.

                            Awful pic of me, but how cute is my girl in her purple/green toile dress!

Ummm, my girl Shannon from work, dressed as Ariel for a birthday party.
Oh darlin, let's keep our day jobs, shall we? :) It was a hoot though!

Again, SHUT UP. Godiva has my heart (part of it anyway). Salted caramel milk chocolate. This was husband's chocolate part of his V Day treat. I ate half of it. The other was so so. The salted caramel ruled.

Emma's Valentime's Day treats: an Auburn dress, a monogrammed bow (not shown),
some puzzles, a book, coloring book, and a raspberry peep (not shown cause she ATE IT!)

On a side note, we went to Applebee's last night for dinner. I got the Oriental chicken salad and Emma actually ate like 4 pieces of chicken from it! Holy cow, this is big people! Even though she is 18 months old and eats LENTILS/lasagna/pork, etc at her babysitter's house, she eats hardly ANY real people food in front of me. I am at the point of, "You eat what I give you, or else..........." She just finished her Augmentin for the ear infection, so it's on. I bought her some gluten free, organic "chicken nuggets" to try out. They are real chicken. I was scrutinizing that label fo sho! She also ate about 1/4 of a banana this weekend. I am so envious of those people (ahem, Sarah) whose kids will eat ANYTHING! It's got to be so much easier/cheaper than still buying/feeding them BABY FOOD for the love of 18 months. End rant.

J's Valentime's treats: Auburn shirt, Auburn SI, cards, he had a Reese's heart, peep, and 2 Godiva bars, but those were removed when junkie Emma discovered chocolate was divine.

I do have to mention that my husband got Emma and I a GIANT, beautiful bouquet of yellow daisies! Soooo pretty! We did Valentime's a day early because his parents were here, and I wanted to be able to see Emma's reaction to her goodies since I don't see her in the morning. Who knows, he may have something else up his sleeve. No pressure, right babe? :) I'll let you all know how that goes!

OMG-22 weeks. I look like I'm 32 weeks. Have mercy.

And let's see what else. I have a MASSIVE on going to do list for Emma and the new baby. I am so overwhelmed right now trying to get a lot of stuff done. We are going to Birmingham this weekend, so I've gotta get all that together. I'm looking for black out curtains, a new crib, booking Emma bear pictures from our photog, setting up HME newbie pics, Easter baskets from PB, daybed for new playroom, a storage unit for all of our CRAP that has to come out of our house, etc. The list is huge! And then I need to deal with everyday life.

The awesome CSN giveaway is going to end this Friday, February 18th!! I will put the entries in and post the winner that weekend. If you entered and your email is not available, I will have to choose another winner.

Thanks for entering, by the way! I have "met" some wonderful new followers and am so glad you came by, even if I did lure you in with a giveaway!

More random will be following this week for sure. Lots going on! I miss you all! Let's chat. What have you all been up to? How was your *Valentime's Day?

*coined by Laura in college!


  1. Your preggo pic is soooo cute!!! And I love the shot of Emma tearing up the chip!! Happy for an update :)

  2. You look ADORABLE! I love that dress you're wearing!

  3. Lucy loves to lick the salsa off of chips too! You look like a hot Momma!

  4. You srsly look GORGEOUS prego and I am so jeal cause I NEVER looked like that!
    I blogged today too so we must be on the same wavelength! Looks like y'all had a great Vday and I cannot WAIT to see me some Edwardses this weekend!!! Hays is SO excited about fishing that I think he may pee on himself before Saturday!

  5. You look amazing!!!!!! I'm super jealous! You're glowing and have a bump. I just look fat!

  6. I was so happy to see you use my word!! you look stunning in that red dress! I love it , you really do look FABULOUS.

  7. -Ice Dream is my FAV!!!! I love it, and yes, believe it's low fat. It's not too many ww points, well, the old points, I don't have the new stuff yet.
    -Sally gave Andrew the same owl card.
    -Also, that dress is really flattering, looks great!

  8. You look so cute preggo!! I also love Emma's dress she got even though I'd want mine to be for a Sooner. ;) I love the idea.

  9. love the bump picture! keep em coming!

  10. You look fab!!! I'm glad you posted a pic! Love the pic of Emma going to town on the salsa. Makes me want Mexican!

  11. I just can't wait to see you in person! AND EMMA! AND JASON!! HURRRRRRRRRY!!

  12. Yay for big girl food (for Emma not you silly) :) And I know you weren't even referring to my child as being a good eater because he has seriously been on the decline with his eating choices. But what mama serves he will eat or won't and then he'll be hungry. ah. tough love;)

  13. You look GORGEOUS. And I love the big ice cream cone - looks delish! I also can't live without my Keurig. It's a daily habit by now!

  14. u look great sus!!!!
    Jax's curtains are from rh baby and child. They are awesome blackout!!!

  15. awww you're so cute pregnant!! Love all the pics!

  16. Awe!! You're such a cute pregnant mama!! Love the "real people food" comment!!


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