Monday, February 28, 2011

Life Lately

We have been crackheads busy lately!

I am really going to work on not blogging once a week. However, life happens. I have not updated you all since last Tuesday. Sorry friends!

Last Wednesday, the pediatric ophthalmologist checked Emma over. She has a case of moderate farsightedness. Nothing major, praise the Lord! I am still worried and sad that it took us this long to discover it. I feel so bad for her little eyes. I hope there is not too much damage done from not knowing until now. Note to self: if your child ever has crossed eyes after infancy, please get their eyes checked. She will most likely be in glasses/contacts until her early teen years. From there, it could get better and begin going away, or she can have lasik if she wishes. There is no way to know right now.

On Saturday, we took Emma to Windward Eye Care to get her prescription filled. All of my visions of cute glasses went right out the window.

First of all, as I expected, Emma was NOT a fan of glasses being on her face. Nor did she care for the optician helping us. Bless his heart. She was ripping off every pair I tried on her. Finally, he suggested going with "plastic" glasses until she gets used to the sensation of actually wearing glasses.

Then he pulled out these puppies. And, I cried. Full on tears in the eye care center.

Emma's new glasses

They are so NOT what I pictured or wanted for my baby's first glasses. I wanted these precious Disney tortoise shell glasses with wrap around things for the ears. Y'all.

I realize this could be so much worse on so many levels. I am so thankful it is "just" farsightedness.

I have been trying to talk myself down from the vanity ledge for 3 days. I am starting to come off of it.

I feel like a douche for even getting worked up about this.

I am super worried about people making fun of her. I just want my baby to not have any problems in life.

So, I'm getting myself together and steeling myself for next Saturday, glasses pickup day.

Jason keeps trying to impress the fact that the wearing of the glasses is going to be super difficult. I'm trying to not worry about that. I've heard both good and bad glasses wearing stories. I'm just praying for her to "like" them because she can see. Y'all say some prayers for my sanity. She has to wear them all day except when bathing or sleeping.

I have read that at first you should ease them into wearing the glasses for an hour or two at a time. Do any of you all have experiences with toddlers or young children wearing glasses? I would like to hear if you agree with this "easing" period.

Moving on, we've had the stomach sickness up in here. Emma and Jason have both had a sicky puke virus. That has been interesting. I've been banished to the guest room so as to not get the sicky germs. The maids come Wednesday to disinfect, so I can go back to my room! I'm not sleeping in there till they strip/bleach/boil the sheets. The thought of puking/pooping at 24 weeks pregnant makes me nauseous!

Another thought I've been having is regarding a vBac. I would love to hear from people who have had a vBac. I am nervous about the thought of total foof destruction, however, I am also nervous about life after a second c section with Emma. I think recovery will be harder and it will be more difficult for me to care for her. I know I will have family here to help, but still. I want to hold and snuggle my boo and won't be able to do as much. My first c section was a SUPER easy recovery. As in, I was doing laundry/vacuuming about 7 days after coming home. I was good to go. So, any thoughts, advice, or past experience with vBac? Please share!!!

Finally, someone tweeted this blog the other night, and now I've been stalking it NON STOP. She is my blog life partner-I mean organizing, cleaning, etc. Really, when can you move in? CHECK IT OUT if you like to clean/organize/have OCD. Even the name sounds clean: A Bowl Full of Lemons! J'adore!

The rest of this week holds an OB check up, dental appointment, parent/teacher conference (gag me) and normal life "stuff." I cannot WAIT till the weekend (already). I was super busy with sicky husband and all my other emotional dramz last weekend. I am planning NOTHING and can't wait! I will however hit up Gap to return the ripped crotch maternity jeans and Sephora for some new Korres!

I hope life finds you all well! I'm about to hit up my Google Reader and see how you are!


  1. Take a deep breath angel - it will all be okay!
    Emma will do fine with the glasses (after a little learning and encouragement) and you will do fine too! And I don't think any damage could have been done just because you didn't get glasses sooner!!
    I am so sorry J was sick! I thought it was just Emma and wondered it it was the petroleum jelly!!!
    Hugs to all the Edwards!!

  2. Awwh so sorry for your buddies being sick :(. I.hope the glasses go okay...maybe she will end up liking them.

    As far as a vbac goes...i would contact iCan in your area and some local doulas to make sure your dr and hospital are vbac friendly. They can probably give a lot of advice.

  3. Oh heart goes out to you. What a week. What an emotional week! You're such a good mama. I am praying for you - and for Emma - and for transitioning into glasses - whether a few hours at a time or all out. Hang in there, sweet friend.

  4. Sus, as a little girl who did have to wear glasses (I got them when I was seven and probably should have had them a lot sooner), I can tell you that the benefit of being able to see (I remember being amazed at the leaves on trees, I could SEE THEM) greatly outweighed any being made fun of. Plus, Emma will look cute in anything you put on her precious beautiful face.
    I am sorry everyone has been so sick :( and I don't know anything about a vBAC but let me know what you find out about it because it sounds interesting...
    Love and miss y'all!!

  5. Dang! Rough week momma! Little Emmabear is gonna be just fine with Glasses! All the graham children had glasses from a very young age! julie had some glasses very similar to those you pictured and they were so cute on her! I shall show you some pictures!Love you all!

  6. Oh, her glasses are adorable! I know you're worried for her...but honestly, little girls in glasses are just the sweetest. The other day Brent actually pointed one out to me because she was just SO CUTE!

    As for VBACs...let me dig up some info for you. I'll shoot it over in a while :)

  7. Aw Sus, I think those glasses are positively precious! So adorable!!

  8. Aw girl Emma is gona have no trouble with the glasses! She will look so cute in them. Hope y'all are on the mend from the sickness!

  9. Girlfriend, I pray that Emma will be just fine with her new glasses. Of course you're feeling upset about it, baby booboo needs glasses and every mama wants their babies to be perfect and never have anything "wrong" with them. I also pray that if, for some unfortunate reason, Emma is ever bullied for having glasses, that she has strength, grace, and courage to be a sweet and strong girl and channel her emotions into doing something wonderful with her life.

    I hope you're feeling alright and that the sickies leave your house soon!! I wish I could give you a big, huge hug, so consider yourself hugged!


  10. Girl. Emma will look like a doll in her glasses. She'll need some time to adjust but she will forget they're on her face before you know it.

    PS I went to Sephora today and did some damage myself with the organic make up. do you like the tinted moisturizer? do you wear foundation too? Hook a hoochie up and spill the beans.

  11. You know, the thing for me is that you'll be the one to show her how to handle it if she ever is bullied. She's a sweet, precious girl & I hope that having glasses will be a good thing - she'll be able to see you guys super clearly!

    She'll be beautiful, just like her momma.

    I get you on the non-regular posting. I sometimes just can't keep up. Sigh!

  12. I just want to say that babies with glasses are the cutest things EVER!!! Our friends little girl got glasses and OH MY WORD she melts everyones hearts!

  13. Glad Emma is ok, and I'm sure she looks darling in her new glasses!


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