Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winner and Total Randomosity

Okay everyone, it's finally time for the CSN winner announcement!
According to random.org (screenshot below), my dear Jenn from Wanting What I Have is the lucky winner! Jenn, email me at southernsass30@gmail.com for your code and other info! Congratulations!

I have loved visiting all of the new blogs from new friends! Thanks for following along, I hope you will stick around!

(Screenshot of excel spreadsheet)

What have you all been up to?

We have total randomosity in these parts! Bullet style list please.

*Emma is going to the ophthalmologist tomorrow for an eye check-she has been having some "crossing" of one eye over the past few days, and it is wigging us out. I'm scared that it's strabismus, and hope it can be corrected via glasses or something else. Please say a prayer for her!!!

*I have a FULL DAY field trip tomorrow-yikers! I'm not looking forward to all day outside with 22 kids and pregnant feet.

*I have 30434 loads of laundry to do from being out of town. And fold, and put away. So much chaos right now, that when the maids called me to schedule for tomorrow, I said, "No way! Call me later!"

* I talked to Ruby Turtle Hippie Times IRL last weeks. She was dying over my Southern accent. I guess that seems so funny to me b/c I don't think I sound that Southern. I need to record myself and listen to it.

*Blogger convench in ONE MONTH! In Michigan! Yayayayayay!

*Girl Scout cookies came in today-alllll six boxes. Oh sweet Lord.

*Emma had blueberry juice today. I picked her up at 5:15. She had diarrhea 3 times before 6:30 and 1 time in the bath. Fun times.

*I found the stroller of my dreams this weekend! Cannot wait to go get it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at all of the possible positions! I'm going with black, and sister let me borrow her lime green Peg Perego infant carseat. I have a brown/blue Graco infant seat. That will not do. :) I can't wait to get my grubby paws on it! We went to Buy Buy Baby in Birmingham this weekend and put baby Scarlet (9 months) and Emma in it simultaneously. It was presh!

*March may be the professional death of me. I have thrid quarter grades due, spring conferences, state writing assessment, and prep for standardized testing. Oh, and my professional appraisal. FREAKING YIKES!

*Weight Watchers "green machine" smoothies are GOOD. I'm trying tomorrow's shake with some baby yogurt in it. The original recipe is 1 C fat free organic milk, 1 banana (frozen and cut up), and 1/2 C chopped frozen spainch. Plus 2 sweet n low packet things. Thank you @maconbabies for that tidbit!

*I think I'm going to bed now. Sorry for the randomosity!

Hope you are all having a great week so far! :)


  1. I am not having a good week so far because I am missing my oldest petunia blossom and her family!! Let me know what the eye doc says please!! I love you and miss you TONS!!!

  2. Oh, you do have a Southern accent! It's so charming, though! I love it about you:)

  3. See Brittany's comment for affirmation!! AHEM.

    Also HUZZAH for the blogger convench!

    I am loving that stroller. That's cool for real! Not for fake.

    Finally, when I see you in March you'll be wiped with all that teachery stuff you gots to do!!

  4. I am soooo sad I didn't win!! Miss ya'll and take care of Lubenstien for me :) Tell her sister love her! And her MOM too! Me miss HME!

  5. I am so excited that you are excited about your new stroller! Did you get my email about the groovy high chair attachment?
    What is this about my baby's eyes? Keep me posted!

  6. We're getting the same stroller! Laura raved so much about it I had to have it! So sorry about the blueberry "episodes" - in the tub?!?! That had to be fun. Hope sweet Emma's eyes are just fine. Thinking of you and your girl!

  7. I did not know this about the Meema eyes. Lemme know what happens at the doc! I shall be praying for your field trip-ness. And yeah guurl, you sound purdy Southern, but I do too so I never notice! Love you!

  8. Ooohhh! AAAHHHHHHH!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE I WON!!! I'm behind on my reading and this TOTALLY ROCKS!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

    Hope the field trip is good. And LOVE the stroller!

  9. I hope the trip to the eye doctor brought you a solution and no scary news!

  10. how did emmas appointment go?

    i love green smoothies! i do spinach, banana, flaxseed, and some other fruit. Kale is good, too, but it is thicker than spinach.

  11. I hope Emma is okay!! My thoughts will definitely be with her! I LOVE that stroller...I want one for when I have #2 too!

  12. Sus-
    I bought the City Select of tons of research. I asked a lady here that owns a store called Smartmomma. I asked her to cut the chase and tell me the best stroller on the market for two babies. She told me City select, I bought it and everywhere I go people are drooling. They have never seen such a thing! I loved it so much I convinced like 10 people to buy it! Including our own LG! I have a car seat attachment if you want me to send it to you.
    You will LOVE this stroller! One piece of advice....if you already have a jogging stroller....keep it. We had a BOG stroller that I loved to jog with and sold it. The City Select is NOT jogger. But its fabulous in every other way. Can you tell I love it?

  13. Did i win? What is CSW?
    babies 4 life.


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