Thursday, September 20, 2012

Harrison Update

Oh, Harrison. You are turning out to be quite the little character. We went for your fifteen month appointment today, and you are measuring in the 50% for weight and the 95% for height! You are going to be a tall boy just like your daddy! Also, we discovered you had a ruptured eardrum. Bless your heart. Here I was just saying it was  a cold with all of the crusty boogers and drooling/sneezing, but no. You apparently had an unnoticed ear infection. #winningmom.

You are so busy these days! You try to keep up with "ma," (what you call Emma) and you are doing a great job of almost running after her. Your words have really come out, too! You are saying: mama, dada, ma, dog, juice, dirty, hot, no, and also doing the Braves tomahawk chop while yelling Ahhhhh! It's so cute!

You are growing like a weed and wore a pair of your "cousin" Peebs 2T jeans yesterday! You are so tall, I barely had to roll them up! I can't wait to get some more pants for you at the giant consignment sale coming up! You are in size 4 diapers, but could probably go to a 5. You wear size 6 wide shoes! (Emma wears a 7, so wowza!!) You are in all 18 months, mostly 24 months clothing.

You drink your milk out of straw sippy cups in the morning and night, and you will pretty  much eat anything I put in front of you, unlike your sister! Your favorite foods right now are grapes, oranges, beans, hot dogs, sunflower seeds, cheese, and apple pouches. You have gone off strawberries and pears for some reason. You dislike peanut butter which shocks me! Your favorite treat is your once a day V8 fruit/veggie juice after nap. You wake up saying, "joooooos?" It is so cute.

You are a feisty little thing, quite full of your own opinions and likes/dislikes. You love being outside with Emma and want to do whatever she is doing, be it playing in the dirt, riding in the cozy coupe, or climbing up the slide. You also get down with a rake and/or Emma's tricycle. Slow down growing, Buddy!

You are about to start going to MDO on Tuesday and Thursday and I'm excited to see what changes that brings. I'm sure you will thrive being around others!

You have had 4 haircuts already and are due back for another one! You understand pretty much everything I tell you. You are getting to be such a big boy and I am so proud of you! I love you so much, Buddy!


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