Thursday, September 27, 2012

Out of town again!

Well, we took off yesterday for one of our last trips of the season before school life sets in! We (me and the kids)  headed to Montgomery to visit FeFe and Poppy and to spend the night. We were making the drop and leaving Harrison behind so Emma and I could boogie over to Birmingham for the major consignment sale I do twice a year. I'm a contributor, so I get to shop early, and let me tell you-I get EVERY SINGLE PIECE of my kids' clothing at this sale twice yearly. I can clothe both kids for $350-400. Nice clothes! Polo, Kelly's Kids, smocked, etc. It's one of the biggest consignment sales in the Southeast. Anyway, I don't buy new anymore. Some people buy them new things for birthdays and Christmas, but I only shop secondhand now. It's that great!

Here is their link if you are in the Birmingham area. It opens to the public on Monday, October 1st. It's in an old Academy Sports building-that's how big it is!

Rows upon rows of boys and girls clothing, shoes, toys, any/all baby items, carseats, etc! Multiple items too so you can choose the best priced one!  I am so excited! Sissy and I are going tonight at 6:00 for our time.

We will hang around Birmingham for the rest of the weekend, and go take my  mom shopping at the sale on Saturday with our guest pass.

Sunday we are taking the girls to our childhood church, and then Emma and I are headed back to Montgomery to spend the night before picking up Buddy.

Kiddos start school on Tuesday, and I'm SO READY. I have to make lunches and pick out clothes the night before. Gotta make sure they have all of the necessary supplies, too! Look for an upcoming first day of school post-sure to be entertaining-if I know my kids and our follies!

Toodles! And have a great weekend!

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