Saturday, October 23, 2010

Babies R Us is goin' down...

So lately, every time I go to BRU to get something, I get more and more irritated.

They have so many certain rules. They also pretend to reward you with their reward zone points. Which you cannot use on the things you would really want, like diapers or formula or baby food.

You have to buy overpriced $14 pajamas or toys. Which leads to me NEVER going there. Because honestly, I can get all of my stuff from Sam's Club or Walmart. For a lot cheaper.

So today, sister and I went in to get Scarlet a swing-because last night was a holy hell night. Scarlet got up every two hours and wouldn't sleep-we were pulling Sisterwives at one point

Sidenote: I threw a surprise party for J's 30th this weekend that has been in the works since August. And we finally pulled it off this weekend. Whole nother post.

So, all the family is in town and my parents are in the guest room and sister is bunking up in the master with us-we have a fold out couch in there. So, at one point in the crying/waking cycle, sister comes to my side of the bed crying and got in bed with us (me, hub, 2 dogs)-thank God for a king-and Scarlet still wouldn't stop and go to sleep for the love I love my sleep and my kid has been sleeping through the night for 13 months make it stop now, and this morning, sister was all about going to buy a swing for the babe to sleep in tonight. Holy crap, run on like nobody's biz...........

So we go to BRU and choose a swing from the 6 they have available, and at $100, sleep ain't cheap. But we're desperate. So we get it and go checkout. Of course I found some crap bath stuff for Emma. The lady in front of us had her "reward zone" things, and the cashier was like sorry you can't use this on formula. That girl said peace. (Notice I am not a fan of quotation marks tonight). Anyway, she said, well I'll just take my coupons/rewards and go to Buy Buy Baby.

Hold the phone. BBB is RADICAL-we have one in Bham. It is a supreme being when compared to BRU. Nicer, newer, cleaner, better employees, take alllll coupons-like Bed Bath and Beyond, more selection, nicer, nicer, nicer!! I did not know we had one here!!! We finished checking out and drove across the street to BBB.

Sister found a rad swing for $69 and we decided to buy it and return the other one to BRU. She had JUST GOTTEN a coupon from BRU for 20% off and it started the next week. BBB took the coupon and she got the swing for $59!! Winner!

Basically, they rock and Babies R Us blows. Public service announcement for you all. Hope you have a Buy Buy Baby nearby you!!


  1. We don't have a Buy Buy Baby here. Booooo....

  2. What? I've never even heard of Buy Buy Baby! Am I in serious trouble?

  3. I totally agree and this was hilarious to read!!

  4. LOVES me some Buy Buy Baby. I often wonder who shops at Babies R Us. Like, why do they shop there? Do they enjoy being treated poorly?

  5. I have never even heard of that store!! But I love how they are like Bed, Bath & Beyond and take all coupons!


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