Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bear with me please

Sooo, sorry I have been so MIA lately!! This week is conference week and it's killin me!! I am reading blogs, but comments are not gonna happen right now!! I feel like I've lost all my blog friends! Please know I'm reading and thinking if you all!! I miss you all dearly and I miss all of our "convos!!"

Until then, here us a self portrait to tide you over!

And another

And little cousin Letta

PS, if you gave a chance, stop by sissy's blog and enter her giveaway!! www.maconamess.blogspot.com

xoxo lovelies!!

PS-so thankful for spell check and my mad proofing skillz-holy hell blogging from phone!!

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  1. I miss you too, gf, I was thinking he other night "Dang, I miss Sus and I should email her" and then I got busy with work and writing. Sad face. I need some hilar hooch fix! I'll try and rectify this like, soon?
    Love & miss! xoxo

  2. you haven't lost this blog friend! I miss our "convos" back and forth, we'll have to catch up when you're done conferencing it up!

  3. you freakin crack me up sus.
    miss you bunches. emma is as cute as ever!


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