Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Randomosity

Because I saw this on Big Mama's blog today, I'm going to copy her. In using letters instead of bullet points or numbers. :D

A) I miss my blog friends. I feel like I have had no contact with any of y'all. I am a sucky commenter. There is so much going on right now, I'm sorry!

B)I am feeling so sad for another blog friend right now, Mrs. EyeCanSee. Her mom died suddenly from pneumonia yesterday. I can't stop thinking of how sad she must be. She has a 4 month old baby too and her mom was the babysitter.

C) We just got down with some pancakes and sausage for dinner. Weagle. This ties in nicely with D).

D) I never went to the store last weekend, so we have been cobbling together meals all week. It sucks. We ate hot dogs one night, asparagus penne, and leftovers. Spare me the college eating. I cannot wait to get my hands into some real cooking this weekend. I want to make some chili, meatloaf, lasagna, and poppyseed chicken. I may make all of this and freeze most of it for the upcoming week. Husband is wanting to cook on his new grill and I need some dang alone time ASAP!

E)We are dressing Emma up in her monkey costume and partying at a Halloween party on Sunday. Can't wait! She is not down with the face mask.

F)I had the worst issues yesterday with my ears-you probably heard it all on Twitter if you follow me-but the doctor said it was ALLERGIES. For the love, a Claritin could've saved me all day and for the past month when I've been hearing this "water" sloshing around in there! Shoot me now-I think it is "better" now.

G) We watched Paranormal Activity on Monday night. Holy hell, it was scary. I drug the husband upstairs for bed at 9:00. I wouldn't let him stay down stairs alone-I was wigging out. However, I can't wait to see the one in theaters. I've heard it's just as freaky. Word.

H) I am going to start Hunger Games this weekend on the recommendation of the ENTIRE BLOGOSPHERE and my B.I.L.

I)I am running out of randomosity.

J) Oh, also, I am soooo sympathizing for Overlowing Brain-dude, she is having soooo many sleep issues. So sad-I would be a grumpy (er) hooker without my sleep-minimum 7 hours.

K) OK, I think I need to wrap it up. I'm sure to think of more "facts" later.

L) Loving RHOBH-watching it now.

M)Told you I'd think of more! :D Dang, I just forgot the other thing I was going to tell you. OK, peace.

N) Just remembered-has anyone heard anything from Blonde in a Blog?


  1. love your randomosity post- been miss them!

    I haven't heard anything about Blonde walked into a blog- worried about her!

  2. A. Okay, what are "hunger games"? Read BIL's blog and couldn't find it?
    B. Please take pics of Emma in her costume (with or without the mask) for us all to see! C. Hope your allergies are better. Love the random post!!
    D. Love you and your fam! ♥

  3. Thank you so much for all your support, prayers, and concerns. It never ceases to amaze me the power of "Strangers".

  4. Dang you have been busy! I wondered why I have not heard from you! I am excited for Thanksgiving where i can get some QT with you, my God daughter and J!

  5. A- Miss you too pal.
    G- I do NOT watch scary movies for that reason.
    L-I like Lisa, Kyle and Adrienne. The others can suck it.

  6. We miss you too! Looking forward to see sweet E in her costume!

  7. Miss you too.
    Don't like scary movies at all. No way, never.

    The Hunger Games was a fantastic series. Couldn't put them down!



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