Monday, May 23, 2011

Emma's New Room

WARNING: THE PHOTOS IN THIS POST SUCK. It is extremely hard to photograph an odd shaped room and I don't know how to focus on certain areas when I can't capture the whole room at once. I need to take a class.............cause I have a kick ass camera.

So, walking into the room, here is what you see.
I am planning on getting some sage green valances made to go above the tan curtains to make that area pop. I want some sturdy fabric, but everything I've seen so far is silk or some other dressy junk.

From the door of her bedroom looking to the right-the repurposed dresser of mine from college, with two floating shelves above. That little rocker in the corner was mine when I was a baby and my sweet momma refinished it and gave it to Emma.

The front view of her crib. It will turn into a double bed once girlfriend is ready.  I like seeing how this space will look once that happens. I am not trying to hide the hamper or diaper genie because we use them regularly. And, I don't want her closet smelling like a dook dipe.

And, that's it. I didn't explain every pic, because honestly, you can figure it out. The only new things we bought were the crib, rug, curtains, and floating shelves. (Why does that sound grammatically incorrect Britt?) Everything else we had in her nursery or already had. I didn't want to do a huge thing because she will want an upgrade in a few years.

 I really love how everything came together. I also like how she has a play area on the floor. In one of the pics above, you can see a white wicker toy chest. It's full of stuffed animals and other little toys that she likes. Also, in the white dresser, I had 2 empty drawers left on bottom and put some books and puzzles in them for her to access. She plays in there while I fold clothes or whatever.

I forgot to shoot the closet, maybe I will do that one day soon! I'm pretty proud of my basket organization in there! I really went through her clothing and boxed up all things that were too small/out of season and got it out. Her old room had a ton of clothes in it that didn't fit/work with the seasons, and I need to be better about this. Cause she has tons of clothing!

So, I hope you can make some sense of the tour, and excuse my crapola photos!


  1. I didn't realize she was Emeline! I love that name! One of my relatives was an Emmaline and I've always loved it!

  2. Ahhhh! I bet she loves it! So sweet to see her big girl room!!! LOVE the name banner! :)

  3. I love the room!

    And your grammar was perfect, my dear:)

  4. Love it! I bet Emma does too. We have a similar color on the walls in our house and I'm planning on keeping it for little girl's nursery instead of repainting. Glad to see it looks good in a girly room!

  5. Emma's room looks great! What does she think of all the space? Bet she loves it!

  6. Love it! Your college dresser looks awesome in there!

  7. It's a presh room!! Go you, mama!

    And yes, please do share your basket organizational skills. Because girlfriend would like to learn from those that are more profesh than her before moving!

  8. I don't know which Britt you were talking to but that sentence looked a-ok to me! LOL.

    Emma's new room is sooo cute! And your pictures don't suck at all, silly!

  9. LOVE the room! subtle, but still very pretty!

  10. And by subtle I mean not overdone like a bunch of little girls rooms I see in the blog world. It looks like a little girl lives in there and I love that.


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