Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

I really liked the "Getting to Know You" thing I did over the weekend, mostly because I'm nosy I like reading what other people do, so I'm going in on another one today that I saw on Beach Bum and Baby. It's from Roots and Rings.

Ten on Tuesday
1. Have you ever used Craigslist?
Ummm, shockingly no. I don't have the patience to sort through all of the stuff on there, and not be able to see it instantly in person. Plus, I have a phobia that the reason it's on there is b/c it's shitty, so I would rather go to Goodwill and see it, dis it/buy it. I do know TONS of people (espesh in the blog world) who have had great success with CL.

2. Can you sew?
Ha! That's laughable. I'm sure I could do a button on, but other than that, it ain't happenin'. I would like to learn, but that would require two things I currently don't have: time and a sewing machine.

3. Do you pour syrup on your pancakes or dip your pancakes in the syrup?
Duh-rench them please. I am not a fan of dipping things. I need lots of butter, then lots of syrup to eat pancakes or waffles. I prefer both to be soggy. Gross, I know.

4. Rain storms: Love them or hate them?
Seriously LOVE them so much! My sound machine is set to rain. I relax when it's rainy and I'm at home. I love the darkness outside and the sound of it hitting the windows.

5. Do you like swimming?
Well, yes. I've always loved the water, of any kind. But, now it's a heck of a lot more fun with Emma. I was a "swimmer" growing up-I use the term loosely for my past country club competitive swimming, right mom? :)

6. What kind of drink do you order at Sonic?
May lose a friend over this one, but we don't have any Sonics nearby and I'm not a huge fan. I do dig the cherry limeades though, so that is probably what I would order. And, their ice is the bomb.

7. Are you funny?
Umm, yes? I think so. Ask my friends about the bikini wax of '99 story or any other retelling of what happened when I had a convo with someone and we disagreed-I like to embellish and make it a big story-and I do facial expressions and interpretations of said person-pretty much get some good laughs there, so we'll go with yes. Or, you could read this story.

8. At what age will your kids get cell phones?
Middle school. I personally think that phones before that are ridic, and you can try to convince me, but I'm not down with it. They DO NOT need a phone, as they should not really be unchaperoned before that age. I mean please, cell phones weren't invented until I was in high school-I got a BAG PHONE when I was 17 and used it twice because the roaming fee was equivalent to a mortgage payment. So, no phones for awhile. And then, they can get out my old Samsung and high tail it to T Mobes. Cause they aren't having a smart phone-fo sho.

9. What’s your favorite vegetable?
Asparagus. Roasted or grilled. Also, lunchroom green beans (aka Southern style beans). I LOVE all veggies, especially roasted!
10. Were you a Girl Scout?
Dude, totally! For like a while! I had every patch in the book. We met at the Methodist Church down the street from my house until like fifth grade-then it wasn't cool to be in Girl Scouts anymore. I was about to "bridge" to 'Cadets.' Ha! My mom loved taking me and my sister to our weekly meetings and then hearing us complain about having to do service projects to earn said badges.

Hope you all have learned some new things about me. Please play along with Roots and Rings and tell me if you do so I can learn some fun facts about you!


  1. LOVED reading this! I agree, I'm nosey - I like to know random facts like this about other people. I find it so interesting!! :)

  2. I think you're funny. Just thought you should know.

  3. I just heard Sam gasp when I read thru your Sonic non-obsession.

    And, um, you're totes funny!

  4. I poke holes in my pancakes with my fork before I butter or syrup them. Because then it's MAXIMUM ABSORPTION, MAXIMUM SOGGY TIME!!!

    Just thought I'd help a sister out.

  5. Katie and I were just talking about the bikini wax story tonight (which I've not heard, btw)!


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