Monday, May 30, 2011

Play Room Reveal

OK, I promised you a tour of the playroom redo, but as with Emma's room, the photos are NO BUENO. Sorry, but it's an awkward shaped room and I'm not a photog (in the least).

Looking into the playroom from the foyer.

A daybed for naps/a guest. It's super comfy. Trust me on that.
The one thing we still need to do is add a ceiling fan.
I am trying to figure out what to put on those shelves above
 the bed. Any ideas?

The corner with our old re purposed bookshelf-I got the organizational baskets at Target and have them filled with toys-the toy box wasn't holding all of girlfriend's toys. I did bust out the label maker and label the bins with things like, "Stuffed Animals," "Puzzles," "Stacking Toys," etc.


Bad dark picture. But, here are the blackout curtains (same as in Emma's room). They provide that nice darkness for napping. :) No valances here because of the crown moulding. Unfortunately, I didn't think that the length would be different from upstairs, but I didn't realize the ceilings are higher down here.

 (Now that I look at this, I want some sort of coverage up there.
I don't like the white blankness between the curtains. Ideas?)

The one "grown up corner" of the room with a bookshelf (full of grown up books!) and an iHome. This is another re purposed bookshelf that we are using as night table area.

Barty is modeling the use of the playmat. Isn 't he presh?

This alphabet poster artwork is from Sea Urchin Studio on Etsy.
It is a 16x20 print. LOVE IT!


Another custom made print from the Keep Calm Shop. It originally said, "Keep Calm and Rock Baby" or something, but the shop will change any saying and color to what you want. Plus, they are VERY reasonable. My only "issue" is that the posters are not normal sized for framing (I think they are 13x19), so you have to buy a bigger or smaller frame and pare down. I'm not custom framing a 20$ poster. I got a 14x18 at Hob Lob for like 9$ and cut some white off the top of the poster.

I chose this saying because it's right by Emma's rocking horse-hidden on the side of the daybed.
She breaks it out about twice a day.

I found these cute prints at Hobby Lobby for $4 each. I wish I could've found one more in green, but alas, I could not. Emma LOVES these-she walks up to them and says, "I liiiiiiiiikkke."


The pics of the pictures are from my iPhone, so they are a bit grainy.

So, that is the redo of the former office. What do you think?


  1. I can see y'all logging a LOT of hours here! And how great that it opens to your foyer! Our playroom is upstairs and I have often thought how nice it would be to have it more accessible. I bet y'all will love this space! Cute prints!

  2. I like it!

    What if you did another small wooden E and H, for the kids on that shelf? Or wait a while and then put up some framed photos of the booboos and/or the family of FOUR!

    Did you find any Etsy shops that had cute prints other than the Keep Calm shop? I am looking for two prints for the dining room area and Etsy is overwhelming me, srsly.

  3. Are you guys loving the playroom or what?

  4. Love it! Especially the Keep Calm and Rock On picture!!

  5. Love the room redo!

    The Keep Calm Shop is my favorite...I have four of their prints on my wall. ;) Oh, and a "Keep Calm & Blog On" print in a frame by my computer.


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