Friday, May 27, 2011

iPhone picture dump

As per usual in the blogging world, here is what has been happening in our lives since Sickie got well (THANK GOD!)

Trying out a trike! But, we aren't buying a trike for $100!

Playing in my sandbox in a diaper, beads, and shoes!

Playing with wipes (she's obsessed!) I wish she would look at me long enough without moving and getting a glare off her glasses....

Playing with some dinosaurs that my colleagues gave to HME....already stealing toys!

Cajun chicken pasta-freaking yuuuummmm.

Aaaand, no picture here, but we will be having this baby in about 13 days.....

What's on your phone?

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Love ya all!


  1. There is nothing (for sure) on my phone as interesting as yours! Yes, Miss Emma needs a trike, she is adorable stealing HME's dinosaurs, and the cajun chicken pasta looks yummy! So there, ya done good on your dump!! ♥

  2. Girlfriend is a DIVA! A gorgeous diva, though!

    Post recipe for the pasta, please & thanks!



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