Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Three Kids...

Well, you knew about this one.

And this one.

But what about this one? She's new.

But she's not mine. :( This is my precious niece Scarlet, she belongs to Macon Babies.

We are in Birmingham this week, playing with my family. Lots of fun being had-and I'm running an in home daycare for three kids. Good practice for the next one! (No, I'm not pregnant or crazy!)

I'll be back in a few days with updates on what we've been doing! Hope you are all having a great Wednesday!


  1. "I'm not pregnant or crazy." Haha. Love it.

    Have fun with your family!

  2. When I saw this blog title, I was WHAT!?!?

  3. Haha, when I saw the title in my blog roll I thought, "WOW, really??? Wasting no time, lady!!" :) :) :) Sounds like good practice - they're all adorable - that doesn't hurt! :)

  4. You are in the Ham? So fun!! You are also keeping all 3 of them during the day? Thats hard core! How is it going? Kiss all those babies for me and tell them I will see them at Thanksgiving!


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