Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Midweek Randoms

Stealing the title from Megan. And, I have no idea what type of candy this is-I just searched for 'randoms' images. Ha!

  • Don't forget to enter my giveaway for the free digital scrapbooking software! It ends on Monday, November 21.

  • I'm having a hoochie reunion this weekend with my five best girls and I CANNOT WAIT. No children. Relaxation, gossiping, and wine. What could be better? Nothing.

  • I am anxiously awaiting my second canvas print. I love these things! If you're on my Christmas list, you're probably getting one. Just so you know. Easy Canvas Prints is having some great deals right now. Check out the button on my sidebar or visit them for more info!

  • I am an library book reading, e book checking out hooker lately! I have to make myself get up and do something during naptime instead of just sitting around reading! I just finished Delirium by Lauren Oliver and it was wonderful!

  • Harrison has been pounding the baby food lately. He's kind of over the rice cereal (nice, since I just bought a new box of Earth's Best.) He loves bananas and sweet potatoes! We are about to move on to apple/sweet potatoes with cinnamon mixture next!

  • I cry every time I watch any baby show on TLC, no matter what. Only when the baby comes out. Even if the person is annoying or ridiculous. I just LOVE IT when their baby is finally born and they see it for the first time!

  • I made an amazing baked ravioli recipe last week. It was so freakin' good-and easy. Recipe if you want, just let me know. Also, last night I made a recipe from Pioneer Woman-but it wasn't her recipe. It was from one of her friends. It was for beef and broccoli. It was so simple and delicious. That recipe can be found here.

  • I need some new breakfast ideas, stat. Please share what you eat. I'm over toast. And yogurt.

  • I am having a love affair with Disney movies from my childhood-this week: Sword and the Stone & The Jungle Book.

  • I am super behind on Star magazine reading, blog reading, and commenting. I'm sorry and I promise to catch up soon! I just have to put the library books down!

  • Emma and I have been painting some super cute turkey handprints for gifts to give out at Thanksgiving. She has such a blast with painting! I can't wait to give her the easel we are buying and give her a little smock to paint with! So fun. However, I could never teach art to youngsters. She has no concept of water, paint, rub brush. She just jams it in all the colors and digs it into the paper. It takes mucho patience to help her.

  • Harrison turned 5 months old a few days ago. Post coming soon. He's laughing so much now! He's also trying really hard to roll from back to front, but I think he's just so big, it's hard! He also CRACKS UP every time I sing a song to him. Belly laughs!

  • I finally updated to the new iOS 5 and I LOVE IT! iCloud, etc. Fabulous!

  • This turkey has to dress herself now. Awesome. Yes, that's a Thanksgiving t shirt, green seersucker shorts, and fake Uggs. And 8 barrettes plus a binky.

I think that sums up all of my randomosity. Never can be sure what you're gonna get here, that's for sure. What's new with y'all?


  1. You might think twice about letting the little turkey dress herself if you are going out in public!! Still awfully cute though! What yummy are you bringing for Thanksgiving? ♥ y'all!

  2. So jealous of the Hooch reunion. John is going hunting so I am having a slumber party with mom...Ya'll have fun! Love you!

  3. I really enjoy Emma's outfit! ha Hoochie reunion 2011! Its on like DOnkey Kong! Cant wait

  4. I love the outfit. She looks like all the little college girls right now. ;)

  5. I love your blog! :) I became a follower! :) Erin

  6. Okay, where are you? Been waiting for a new blog but you aren't there???? Come on now!!!


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