Friday, December 2, 2011

Cause all I've got is random.....

Y'all. I am a SLACKER to the nth degree. I'm sorry. I feel like that is my theme song lately. I feel like I'm LIVING Groundhog's Day, the movie. For the love. I have been majorly in absentia from the blog and twitter, and blog comments.

I have to make a random list. Cause right now, that's all I've got.

*I've been on a major historical fiction kick (WWII, Nazi related) right now. I've devoured Pam Jenoff's two books, The Kommandant's Girl and The Diplomat's Wife in days. Cannot get enough. Then, I pored through my extensive "real book" collection and found the book The True Story of Hansel and Gretel. Same theme as the others. I am just so INTO the German occupation of Poland right now. I need to STOP with the book buying. Damn Kindle.

*I've also been eating up Lisa Gardner's "D.D. Warren" series. Cop drama. Again, cannot get enough. I'm at least reading these through my library. Who I mentioned earlier had an "e-library." Love it. Awesome books to check out via my Kindle.

*I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping! Thank you God for Amazon.

*We STILL haven't taken the Christmas card picture of the kids and/or ordered the cards. This is causing me major anxiety. That's on the agenda for this weekend.

*Great Thanksgiving festivities were had at the Trickey Family Thanksgiving Fest 2011! All of the babies had a great time socializing with randomly seen family members. We came home and had an equally fab feast with hubby's side!

*Christmas decorating is DONE. Although, I am still seen frequenting Hob Lob for last minute touches. I think I will do a pic fest soon to show what we've done. Last year was SAD as I was preg and not caring. This is the first year ever that we are having our Christmas at home instead of traveling, and I am SO excited to do the Santa thing this year!

*Mom cross stitched Harrison his own stocking and it's darling! Now we all have one! Although my Grannie Annie made mine for me when I was born, and J's doesn't have his name on it. We are a traditional cross stitched stocking family!

*Harrison is a piggy! He's now had sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, sweet potato/apple mix, and avocado. He did not care for the avocado. He gagged and dribbled them out immediately. I may try again though. I remember Emma doing that with peas.

*I'm debating on what type of milk to give HME once he is off formula at one year. I do not want to do cow's milk. I am looking into rice and almond milk. Advice, suggestions, etc? My friend Gina hooked me up on some advice today though, so I have some beginner info!

*I'm already getting ready for spring consignment! I'm now throwing our full size Chicco high chair into the mix to get a "hang on" highchair for HME. The full size takes up too much room and is slightly annoying. The tray is hard to get on and it's large. And we need all the space we can get.

*Why did Kim on RHOA hire a nurse to come tell her about how to clean a boy's weenie after circumcision? Seriously? What a friggin waste!

*My lack of showering is getting ridiculous. That's all I'll say about that.

*Trying to nail down a date for a blogger reunion at my house! Shooting for February, right girls? I'm open. Y'all bring it. No kids. Word.

*I'm trying to do one holiday related activity per day with Emma. I have a good Word document going so far with things like: gingerbread men, make a cake, certain arts and crafts, making Jesus a birthday card, etc. Any new ideas to contribute?

*Ellie the elf came on December 1, and I already wish she was a full time thing. Emma is like, "She will call Santa mommy." Toddler bribery at its finest.

*I want to menu plan for the rest of the month so I don't have to think about it. I just need the time. That way, I will only have to go to the grocery store once a week instead of devising meals alllll the time. Goal!

*If my kids wet through their diapers much more, I may be checked into the nearest insane asylum. Harrison is on the train too. In a size three. They wear cloth inserts. WHAT THE EFF Internet? #notarealproblem

*I am going to try and wrap presents to go with my red/lime green theme. This should be interesting. Who am I, Martha Stewart?

*This has gone on too long. Holla y'all. And I'm still reading my Google Reader, currently at 149 items, so I may comment on something you wrote 2 weeks ago!



  1. May I just be the first! Finally you blogged! Took you long enough! Second of all, your children's stockings (and your) are not cross-stitched but NEEDLEPOINTED! There is about a $200 difference!(not counting the time)
    Love you child and how about some pics please??

  2. glad to know im not the only one who hasn't taken our pic for our card!!

  3. We are TOTALLY a lime green/red holiday deco family this year as well! I am going to Marshalls and Christmas Tree Shop today to find some more holiday decos and hopefully G will be supportive and buy me whatever I want. HA!

    Have you done mail your christmas list to santa with Emma? That could be something to do together? Or let her paint a Christmas-y/Winter-y design on a plain teeshirt?

    Also I laughed so hard at your mama schoolin' you - she is so presh!!

    I love and miss you!!!

  4. You are cracking me UP! I am having weekly dreams about our hoochie reunion. SO far this week we have taken an RV trip and another weekend at Emilys where her gardner hits on us ! ha
    Put EVERYTHING aside this week and get the Christmas card picture done and ordered ! You know how we is about Christmas cards!! ha

  5. Sounds like things have been pretty crazy for you too! I haven't done my christmas pic/cards yet either and I am so mad about it!!!!

  6. Oh, glad to here your elf has put some fear into yours! AB and jax just think buddy there elf if their friend. They tell him good morning and good night and laugh at his different spots. They could careless what he thinks of their behavior! Dang!


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