Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Card Outtakes

Y'all. I don't know how profesh photogs do it. Photography with kids? Is a nightmare. Especially when one of them can't sit up yet. For more than 3 seconds. 

They both looked cute as could be, but Emma was NOT a fan of holding Harrison. We had to do major bribery involving an orange sucker.

Below are the outtakes from the 75!! pictures we took. We had three possible candidates for the card, but I'm not showing you those! Yet.

 Umm, Harrison, look up here buddy!

You can see what he thinks of picture sessions.

 Again, please look up and stop covering sissy's head.

 Eyes open, dude.

 Emma is rocking a fake smile.

 He looks like he's in pain.

This is just a hot mess all around.

 Choker hold.


 They are both over it.

 And he's falling backwards.

Aaaand, we're done.

I ordered our Christmas cards and coordinating address labels on Monday morning. They were on my front porch by Wednesday. That's what I call service, Shutterfly!

How did your cards turn out?? Was it as maddening for you to get pictures of your kids too?


  1. This is friggin hilarious!! I love the one with HME's tongue out! Dude, he is bigger than Emma..Ha

  2. I love the pic of Harrison sticking his tongue out! It's like "get me outta here please!!"
    Their Christmas outfits are adorable!

  3. So cute and I love their outfits. Yes, taking pictures of kids is maddening! I usually start out sweet, then bribe, then threaten them with their lives, then take away bribe, then bribe them to earn original bribe back and then everyone is mad and we're done! I have 4 kids so it's very hard! I just ordered my cards on Thursday...please pray for me that they show up before Christmas!

  4. LOVE the pics! Especially the one with Harrison sticking his tongue out!

  5. These are hysterical for about 12 reasons but it is SO funny to me that his head is bigger than hers! girl we have some HUGE boys on our hands. which is great for you since I have lots of huge boy clothes to hand down!


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