Monday, December 12, 2011

Making Crayons & Visiting Santa

Emma has a gallon sized Ziploc bag FULL of crayons. Every time she asks to color, she dumps the whole bag out. And when it's time to clean up, there are eleventy billion broken crayons laying around. I collected all of those broken crayons today, and we did a little project.

I found a youtube video explaining how to make your own crayons. It was super simple!

Step 1: Peel all of your crayons. Break them into small pieces (if they are bigger than half).
I decided to make all one color crayons, but you can make "tie dye" ones too.

Step 2: Put cupcake liners in a muffin pan. Arrange your broken, peeled crayons in each cup.

Step 3: Bake at 350 for 5-9 minutes. The video said 5, but mine took 9 minutes to melt completely.
Let cook for at least one hour, then peel out of the cupcake liners. We are still waiting on ours to cool.

This was super fun and easy (besides peeling the bajillion crayons). I can't wait to see how they work!

Also, we went to see Santa at the mall on Friday. The minute we pulled into the parking lot, Emma said, "I don't like Santa." I said, "Shoot me now." Not really, but they were both decked out in their Christmas finery, and I was damned if we weren't going to get our picture made. I bribed her with a lollipop and she obliged. 

Cuteness overload!


  1. You got an awesome Santa picture!! How cute!

  2. Yes child, you did a great job on the Santa pic! And re-making your crayons???????
    Yo mama is impressed!! :-)

  3. What a great santa pic! We are taking the munchkin tomorrow night. We'll see how that goes....

  4. HME looks so big! And now I'm off to make crayons because this sounds too easy and I think the big hunks won't break up like normal crayons! Good call!

  5. A. I am so trying the crayon deal with the bazillion we have everywhere.

    B. The picture is super cute. My kid wouldn't get near Santa.

  6. I adore how often you make me laugh. HILARIOUS!! and a great pic! love you all


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