Thursday, December 22, 2011

Let's play catch up!

Happy Holidays, friends! I cannot believe Christmas in in three days! That's just crazy to me. I feel like I've been preparing for a long time! I guess that's how it is when your tree is up before Thanksgiving and you can stay at home and get things all good and ready before the big day! I'm going to try and post pictures of all our holiday decor today or tomorrow. 

Until then, here is what we have been up to.

Making lots of treats for incoming family! All from pinterest.
 Cream Cheese Sausage Balls

Addicting saltine toffee-delicious and so easy!

Brownie Macaroons from Duncan Hines website

A friggin' boatload of hot and spicy chex mix.

Our Christmas card from Shutterfly! I love it!
(Sorry, it's a photo of a photo.)

In other news, Emma has been testing my ever loving patience even more so lately. She's gone off the sugar quite a bit, and now I'm really paying attention to labels. Even her 2% organic milk has lots of sugar! 11 grams in 8 ounces. That's ridiculous. She also gets 1 hour of TV in the morning, and 1 hour after her afternoon nap. That's it. No more TV in the car unless we are going on a long trip. She's been getting into more stuff, but whatever.

Yesterday, we had quite the eventful day. I was trying to make all four of the treats above, and trying to get the house clean. I was in the kitchen making the brownies, and Harrison was in his exersaucer. Emma was running around. I can see the living room from the kitchen-it's a big open floor plan. Anyway, all of a sudden, I hear a huge crash and screaming, look up, and see Harrison's exersaucer tipped over! Emma knocked it over, and he was just flailing all around and freaked out! I dropped the brownies (duh) and ran in there, grabbed him up, and checked him out. He was fine, just scared. Emma ran off to hide and was crying. Oh Lord. I won't fill you in on what happened to her, but her new rule is NO TOUCHING THE FRIGGIN EXERSAUCER when Buddy is in it.

Our weather has been absurd lately. Mid 60's, raining, foggy, humid, just generally disgusting for THREE DAYS before Christmas. Come on weather! Get cold!

I'm super pumped about Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with the kids. This is the first time EVER we will be in our own house for the holidays. We plan on going to 5:00 church, coming home and having our Christmas feast, then opening one gift each and sending the kids off to bed (commence Santa fest!)

On Christmas day, we will get up as normal (thank God my kids aren't old enough yet to wake up at 5:00 am for presents), open presents, and have a delicious, leisurely breakfast.

On the menu:

Our First (Non-Traditional) Christmas Eve Feast:
Brisket (cooked by J on his Primo)
Collard Greens
Black Eyed Peas
Homemade Macaroni and Cheese

Dessert provided by my MIL

Christmas Morning Breakfast:
Grits Casserole via Andrea
Fruit Salad
Whole Wheat Biscuits


OK, I'm off to pick up the precious Pottery Barn easel from Santa, then get ready for my company to arrive! I'll try to get the pictures of the decor up tonight!

Have a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays, y'all!


  1. I would certainly hope you are going to make those same "treats" for the Birmingham crew? Can't wait to try them all!!! ♥Mom

  2. I really do not know how you stay so organized and planned! You are amazing! NOw come to Nashville and be my sister wife! we have been starving all week!

  3. Great minds think alike... we had the same Christmas card this year! :)

  4. Sounds like y'all are having a great time!

  5. Those cream cheese sausage balls sound yum! And the Christmas card is super cute :)

  6. HOpe your holiday was great! And good for you on the sugar and tv monitoring!! YOu are doing a great job mommy xo

  7. Saltine toffee? Girlfriend, hook me UP!

  8. Hope your holiday was great! All of the food looks delicious! :)


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