Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Two on Tuesday

 This week's '2 on Tuesday' topic is Christmas Wish List.I'm linking up with Andrea to share my list. My oh my, how can I narrow it down to only TWO things?

Well, I reallllllly want this. {Please and thank you Santa!}

Fingers crossed that he reads my blog!

Also, I am DYING for some new sheets! We have a pillow top, so it's a deep fit. You have to buy nice sheets too! Nothing rough and yucky. So, these jokers are like 70$ a pair. Currently, all three pairs we have  were nibbled upon by Flash the bloodhound. I'm not down with holes in all of my pillowcases. Plus they are getting faded and worn out!

I have a nice long list ready for my MIL, mom, and sister. But, these are my top 2 wishes this season!

What's on YOUR list?


  1. Ah yes. Sheets are on my list, as is:

    A laptop
    New pots and pans
    A new lens
    And a million dollars :)

  2. Girl you need to look into those SHEEX and you def need an ipad!! Great list

  3. Stopping by from Andrea's linkup!!

    I would LOVE to have an iPad too. And I've had really good luck finding good sheets on Overstock and SmartBargains for great deals. Good sheets make such a difference. In fact, perhaps I need a new set soon too... :)

  4. Target has great sheets! very high thread count, very soft, and less than $40 for the set. and deep pockets, too. They are my fav!


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