Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Two on Tuesday

Today's topic is 'What are your two pet peeves?' I'm linking up with Andrea to share (only 2!) of my pet peeves.

My first pet peeve is LAZINESS. I cannot abide lazy people.

Maybe it's because I'm a 90 to nothing tornado, but there is always something to be done. Don't get me wrong, I love to sit and read books or blogs at night, but that's after I have cleaned house, washed dishes, bathed babies, and had a full day of play!

To me, laziness is one of the most annoying things ever!

My second pet peeve is people who don't pick up after themselves. Maybe it's because I'm borderline OCD, but for the love. If you get it out, put it back. Preferably, right away.

OK, I just thought of another one. People who don't return their grocery carts. For the love people, it's like 20 feet away. Walk your fat a** over to the stand and return it. Don't leave it in the parking lot so people can't park their car in a spot. That is all.
So, please tell me I'm not crazy. Share your two pet peeves and link up today!


  1. UGH Laziness!! God what I wouldnt give to lay my ass around but like you said, babies, dishes, dinner, laundry and cleaning all come first. I think its a mom thing!

  2. Shopping carts! Ha! I have been known to tell complete strangers who leave carts around "That doesn't go there."


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