Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eight Years

Eight years! How have we been married that long?? It doesn't seem like it Songy. I wish I had cool pictures of our wedding and "back then" but we are old and didn't have digital stuff like today's kids. I love doing life with you! Thank you for all of your sacrifices. I love your funny sayings, the things you make up, the way you play with the kiddos, and the way you always joke with me. You're awesome, babe. I love you! 
Happy 8th Anniversary!

Haha! So cute!

This will totally be us, but you'll have a fishing pole in hand.

Love you.


  1. Happy anniversary you two love birds! I can remember your wedding as if it were yesterday! The look in both of your eyes were priceless and the love that passed between those eyes was awesome! I love you both!!

  2. Woop woop! Way to go on the big EIGHT!!! Congrats!!!

  3. Happy anniversary! Eight years is big!


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