Monday, July 16, 2012

Menu Monday Linkup

Well, I haven't linked up to share a Menu  Monday in a LONG time! Like, over a year. I guess I feel like since I'm not at work, I have plenty of time to menu plan. But, that couldn't be further from the truth. I still stalk menu planning sites (especially Rachel's!) for new ideas. And, I've gotten a few new recipes from her blog! So, won't you check out her blog (and the other posters) for a few new ideas?

Here is what we are grubbing on this week:

Monday: Soft Tacos with homemade salsa

Tuesday: Penne pasta with asparagus

Wednesday: Meatless taco bowls with homemade salsa

Thursday: Turkey stuffed peppers with a side salad and bakery sourdough bread

Friday: Tortellini-tomato salad with Aidell's chicken sausage

Saturday: Jason cooks! He will grill us something delicious!

Sunday: Bean & cheese burritos with homemade salsa

A few things: we are heavy on the Mexican this week because, well, it's been a while! I will obvi be making my homemade salsa by the boatload! Ha! Also, I have no pictures, but more often than not the link has a picture.

What are you all eating this week? If you have a menu up, leave me a link to your blog, or comment. Or, join in the Menu Monday fun with Rachel!


  1. Oh MAN! I forgot about those awesome burritos! We may need to have those this week too. COme over please ;)

  2. Hello via Rachel's linkup! I love to make homemade salsa, too. Nothing store-bought can compare!! :)


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