Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Menu Monday...a day late

Well, I had every intention of linking up with Rachel yesterday, and time just got away from me! Oh well, maybe someone can find some kind of new meal. Although, with this week's limited menu, I highly doubt it.
We are heading out of town for ten days on Thursday, so we are pretty much "baching it."

Monday-Poppyseed chicken served over brown rice, steamed green beans

Tuesday-Spaghetti with frozen turkey meatballs (sacrilege, I know), side salad

Wednesday-chicken tenders (frozen, duh), mac-n-cheese (Kraft homestyle, yo), lunchroom green beans
The lunchroom green beans are a "recipe" from my old cafeteria manager. They're just Italian green beans (I love Allen's) with a ton of black pepper and a packet of dry onion soup mix. Simmer for like 2 hours. They taste like good home cookin, buffet style green beans. Yum.

What are you all eating this week? I can't wait to check out the links and see!

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