Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Taste of Random

I mean, it's been a while since I've done a totally random post. As always, I come to you with some questions and hope to hear some answers!

*Ballet camp for Emma last week kicked my butt! It was hard to get everything done and ready for class, not to mention it was slap in the middle of Buddy's nap time. So, that was fun. Missing morning naps for a week made for a long week. But, our girl was just precious at her camp! I've uploaded the video to you tube, but now have to put a few clips in a post for y'all to laugh at! Girlfriend needs some more classes in many things since she lacks the 'following directions' gene right now. Our next foray is into gymnastics beginning in September. She's really excited about Kinder Gym!

*I feel like a loser for not having Harrison's first birthday post up. OMG. It was on June 9th. The pictures are now uploaded. Just have to edit and export.

*Harrison is still taking a morning bottle and a nighttime bottle. :::hangs head in shame::: Whatever. He likes it. I like it. I'll deal with it later.

*Emma has been taking a nap in panties for a while now. But, the past week? Wetting her bed at nap-through two towels. If I have to wash her ONLY pair of sheets anymore, they will probably disintegrate. I'm over that. She also wet her Shabby Chic comforter the other day. So that was fun to wash. When we got her potty trained, we switched to the cheapo Sam's Club diapers for at night since she was only wearing one diaper a day. BAD IDEA. She is leaking through them every  night. Now we are having to double them up to contain the tee. And I'm pretty jealous that somehow my TWO YEAR OLD NIECE is keeping her pull up dry overnight. How?

*We are headed to Birmingham for my MIL's 60th birthday celebration this week. It will be so fun! Themed, dress up tea party, girl's night out dinner at BRIO, fun, and lots of playing! Can't wait! Then, we are staying all week and having Emma's third birthday in Birmingham the following weekend. Carebears theme! So cute-I've been an Etsy and Ebay stalker over the last month. Much to Jason's dismay. It's like the USPS over here with packages arriving daily.

*Speaking of Jason, my husband STARTED A COOKING BLOG. The world just imploded. I've been after him to do it for a while, and on Friday he finally caved and asked me for a tutorial on blogger. I got him all set up with the basics, and he has totally customized it now! It's pretty sweet. So, go check out his cooking journey and follow him! Leave him some comments ladies!

*I still can't figure out what I'm doing on cleaning my hardwood floors. I just want them to be shiny!! I Shark mopped on Saturday and it looked so good while wet, but when it dries? Dull. I'm going to borrow a Bona from my neighbor and try it out. Any more advice on this dead subject?

*I feel super guilty about staying inside with the kids all day. It's just so HOT. I can't even handle taking them outside. Jason and I cleaned the garage on Sunday and the kids played in the driveway with bikes, balloons, etc and they were DRIPPING WET and red! It's just ridic. Emma's brain may soon fall out from overexposure to Berenstain Bears and Laurie Berkner Band.

That's about all the random I can muster right now. I currently have a massive headache and am overtired from staying up till 12:00 watching you tube videos.

What's random in your life?

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