Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'll be back!

Y'all. I am literally about to come UNGLUED. Real quick, everyone in my house is sick. We've been in Birmingham for 10 days, got home yesterday, and haven't had a moment's rest. Jason is "man sick," Harrison has an ear infection, is getting his 1 year molars, and has a viral upper respiratory infection. Today Emma started screaming during nap (after 4 days of awful coughing and snot) and she was diagnosed with a double ear infection (with an eardrum about to burst) along with the same foul respiratory infection. The kids are on like 4 meds each, and I'm still not unpacked from my trip, even though I got home on Monday. Yikes.

So. Once I kick the sickness' ass, I'll be back to update you on Emma's THIRD birthday and all the other life events! Hope everyone else is well!


  1. hope everyone bounces back quickly! that "man sickness" is a doozy!

  2. Good luck with everything! Hopefully you don't get sick as well.

  3. No lie, I would have called my mommy on this situation. I dread this scenario almost more than childbirth.

  4. And also?? (<---SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!?!) I LOVE your new look!!


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