Thursday, August 30, 2012

Emma Update

I have been such a slack blogger, and lately these kiddos are growing and changing at the speed of light! Here is an update on Little Miss Emma.

So, Miss Emma, here is what you've been doing:

*Lots of playing and crafting and make believe. You love to do any sort of art activity (mainly stamps and markers), you are a fiend about being outside, digging in the dirt, riding your bike/trike, and going to the playground. You also LOVE bubbles. Lately, you have been busting out that imagination like whoa. Whether you are running around in panties and dress up shoes telling me that you're Jasmine (Aladdin), or being a mom to the stuffed bunny, you love to make believe. Your latest thing is telling me that there is a rat in your hair in the mornings, and you want me to get him out so you can play with him. Ha!

*You love a few select Disney movies, most especially Lion King and Aladdin. You will make up your own "Circle of Life" lyrics and it is so cute! You also know most of the words to "A Whole New World" and sing that, too. We have a Disney Princess Sing Along DVD in the car and you pretty much melt me into a puddle when you sing the songs on it. That sweet little voice is precious.

*You are not all sunshine and rainbows though. Your little attitude is really coming out. Lately we have had some battles with talking back, not listening, and stomping your foot and yelling, "NO!" Lots of fun in time out. Then, you tell me you are ready to come out and listen after 12 seconds. Ha! We are always working on "Listen and Obey."

*You are still a picky eater. You could take it or leave it with meat. You love fruit and still eat the Plum Organics pouches. Of course you love junk food. You have surprised me by eating some salad off my plate some nights. Dr. Cabrera says it's fine. I guess that since your brother is such a good eater, it bothers me that you won't eat or try veggies!

*You still sleep great. We've started letting you stay up later. You're still taking an afternoon nap for about 2 hours, sometimes more. I hope this lasts awhile!

*You say the funniest things! Your vocabulary is phenomenal. You say things like, "Actually, that is a giraffe mommy." You just are very smart and ready to learn. We got some books to work on writing and identifying letters and numbers. You are very excited to have "school." I wish we could get you in some MDO or school type thing, but I don't think that's in the budget right now. You are very interested in school and teachers. You absolutely LOVE books and request at least 5 when you nap or go to bed. Going to the library is one of your favorite activities!

*You are still working on being potty trained at night. You will wake up and say your pull up is dry, but it has a tee tee in it. Then you say, "That's okay, I'll work on it again!" So cute.

*You are quite the drama queen when Harrison touches something of yours or when you get hurt. You immediately demand your binky and go sulk for about 10 minutes. Speaking of the binky, just ugh! I would let you have it till you were done with it, but so many people are on me to just get rid of it! You only have it at nap and night, and we have put the smackdown on having it during the day. I really dread taking it away, as it's your comfort to fall asleep, but I guess I'm more worried about how you will cope.

*You are an amazing, funny, beautiful little girl who is growing so fast! I am so proud of you for all you do!


  1. Such a precious little grown up! You fill all of our hearts with love Emma!!

  2. aaawww...what a cutie!!!! I LOVE how sophisticated her vocabulary is...its always funny to hear little kids say such grown-up things!!!

    Hope you're having a wonderful week!


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