Monday, August 13, 2012

Carebears Comin' from Somewhere up in the Sky........

Hopefully you are now humming the Carebears theme song from the 80's. Not the new one, the original one!

We love some Carebears around here. Mainly thanks to a cheer bear that Emma stole from my parent's house about a year ago. Ever since, I pick them up when I see them in Goodwill or consignment stores. I also frequent ebay looking for low priced small Carebears to add to the collection. I actually found three brand new ones with tags for $3 at a nicer consignment store. Then my butthole dog ate two of them. And I almost choked him.

Moving on. We love Carebears. So, when I asked Emma what she wanted to do for her third birthday, she said Carebears!! Natch. So I got to planning. And talking. And discussing with my multi-talented MIL (decorator extraordinaire!)

The party came together pretty quickly after only about a week of prep! See below for details! And sorry in advance for the photo bombing. But maybe you want a Carebears party one day.............

The favor bags-I found a birthday website that had Carebears party favors so I got whistles, notepads, and blowers. The other stuff is from Michael's dollar spot or Party City. We only had 5 children, so it wasn't expensive!

The cute lunch plates and napkins from the same site. And that silverware was 0.97 a pack at Walmart! It matched perfectly!

The cute birthday bow wreath I found on Pinterest! So easy and cute!

The lunch table-minus the burgers and dogs!

Another Pinterest find-cut lemon slices, dye in food coloring overnight, freeze, and use as "ice cubes" in a drink.

The appetizer station! Mom's yummy black bean and corn salsa, veggie tray, and fruit kabobs! Rainbow, of course!

Rainbow crayon art-floating around on Twitter, blogs, and Pinterest. So easy and fun!

Cute door hangings that FeFe and GiGi made!

Excuse my mirror flash-a photog I am not. 

Oh here's a pretty little model posing by the bears.


Front room decor-we got 2 dozen primary colored balloons for pops throughout the house. The treat bags I showed you earlier were lining the front walk in rainbow colors with matching balloons tied on!

The precious and creative birthday banner my MIL made.

Some of the boys: Dad, Jason, Gerry, Hays

I love this picture of Sitchy with Emma. So cute!

Even though I'm not looking and Emma looks pained, this is sweet.

Scarlet and Margaret Anne

A shirt I found on Etsy for Emma. It was like $10 and is personalized!

Notice Emma is wearing her Carebears pillowcase dress-also found on Etsy for $15!!

Haha, her surprised face!

This is not a great picture of the cupcakes, but it's the only one I could find. See below.

I found this image on Google, printed it off, and took it to Edgar's-the best bakery in Birmingham! They were amazing and looked JUST LIKE the picture! I ordered the cupcake toppers online for like $8.

Cute birthday hats-also found with the party favors and plates/napkins.

Sweet friends sugar loading together.

Dark pic but still sweet of my birthday girl.

OH! And Sarah has something to tell y'all.............baaahahahaha!


  1. Hahahahahaa Yes yes I do have something to tell everyone. It is that I ate entirely too much at Emma's bday! I AM NOT! Preg!!!

  2. Cracking up! Y'all are crazy!

  3. love the care bear details too!

  4. Great pictures!! I love the lemon slices!

  5. what a cute party!!! you did such a great job with all of the details!

  6. HAHAHA that's a great mean big sissy joke you played on Sarah!!

    It looks like Emma had a great birthday party, can't believe she's 3!!! You look gorgeous, as always!


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