Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Meet My NEW Friend!

Thanks to an incredibly generous giveaway from Michelle at Stuttering Shell, and the awesome folks at Oreck, I am now the PROUD owner of the new Oreck Magnesium! 

Look at this blue beauty!
Notice the vacuum lines in the background.

I NEVER win anything, especially on blog giveaways. I only enter giveaways for things I really want. There are so many giveaways always going on, and I don't want to spend hours entering contests for stuff I don't really need or want. That's......a little selfish, in my opinion. Anyway, I entered Michelle's giveaway and when she tweeted me that I won, then Oreck emailed me, I flipped out! I was waiting on it to be a joke!

No joke, this pretty showed up on my doorstep a few days later, and to this self proclaimed OCD vacuum ho, it was like Christmas. I immediately got it out and started vacuuming! It is super lightweight and actually self propelled! Crazy town!

Who has an Oreck? Do you love it? 


  1. OMg. I am super jealous!! Nice!

  2. love the new look and totally jealous of your new vac! did you end up trying bona?

  3. I feel like b.e.g. will be salivating when she sees this post.

  4. I LOVE THE NEW LOOK!! And now to more serious stuff, no wonder you didn't answer the phone today when I called to "check" on your sick family! You were too busy vacuuming to answer the phone????? This is way cool!! I want one too!!


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