Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fifteen Months

Dear Emma,
Your mother is a slacker and hasn't done an update since your 12 month birthday. From now on, let's do one every three months. Those are the "BIG" ones anyway. :D

Let me break down what has been going on in list form:

*Nicknames: Meems, Meemsickle, Loo, Looby, Emmalooby, etc. You are lucky that you know your name. :D

*Foods: you are eating all "real" foods at your babysitter's house. Lately you've eaten lentil soup, chili, hamburger, etc. Now, at home, you are still being finicky. Today you did manage to eat some cheese, crackers, and half a banana. You are still pounding baby foods. You will not drink your milk out of a cup yet. But you drink your apple juice and water from a cup. I'm not even trying to wig about that yet.
We'll discuss that at 18 mos.

*Paci=you love it. I don't care. You can rock it till you're six.

*Words/Sounds: momma, hey, what's that, dog, Bar (Bart), oh no, no no, uh oh, girl, woof woof, grrrr

*Activities: you love to play with things that aren't toys, you love to play with the chamber of your inhaler, you love to get in your sandbox, you love to play the couch game where you run back and forth on the couch and land on pillows. You have started running now. It's super cute. Oh yeah, throwing tantrums. As in throwing your writhing body on the hardwood floor and kicking and screaming. It's super cute. Not.

*Identifying: dogs, momma, daddy, bellybutton, belly, hair, nose, binky, lovey

*Sleeping-you rock my world with this. 12-13 hours a night, plus 2 naps a day.

*Teeth-you have almost 8 teeth now. Your back molars are coming in. Fun. They have been coming in for 3 weeks now.

*Weight: 20 lbs. You are in the 25th percentile. Your height is in the 75th percentile. I think you are 31" exactly. You are wearing 12-18 month clothes. I just bought you some bigger PJ's because I had to make you suck in to fit into the 12 mo footies.

Love it babe. Look at that little baby smile. :-)
This month you have done a lot:
*Pumpkin patch
*Daddy's surprise party
*Playdates with older kids
*Been sick with a bad cough
*Been an overall partier

"Helping" mommy

Me and my monkey

Meemsickle and daddy

Ha! Mrs. Kris dressed up all the babies and Emma
wigged when she put on the headpiece to her monkey suit!

Meems, I love you soooo much. You are super fun and such a cool little lady!
You are mommy's little partier and I am so thankful for you every day, even when you are tantrumming it up on the floor. (Is it mean that I laugh?)
Love you baby!
My mama (that's what you say!)

All pictures were taken with the iPhone, sorry for the lacking quality.
I'm too lazy to get up and upload real pictures. :D I'm just impressed that I didn't blog from my phone...........


  1. she is so presh Sus! she is growin up soo quick!

  2. Emma, YOU ARE ADORABLE!!! I think you and Little Bit would be BFFs!

  3. She says girl? I think she's going to be using the word "girlfriend" a lot like her mama!

    She is absolutely adorable and looks even MORE like a mix of you and J!!

    Miss your face! xoxo

  4. Neema! You are really growing up baby! I hope you got your Halloween Card from your auntie and uncle b.c your momma has not mentioned it! :(

  5. I want to steal her. She's so cute! I won't. But I'm tempted:)

  6. Memmalou, you are so adorable! I love your pics! Happy 15 month b'day! Your Nonnie loves you tons!!!♥♥♥


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