Saturday, November 6, 2010


That is all of the dishes from the top rack if the dishwasher.

Why is it out?

Because our dishwasher, which was full to the BRIM this morning, decided to die of motor failure. At 7 years old. With smelly smoke.

Sidenote: why is it that my parents have a 15+ year old dishwasher that still works?? Not fair.

We went and picked out a new one today. So, what's the problem?

It won't be here (for installation) until the end if the week. Apparently the plumbers only work M-F and have a wait list. Of course they do. I almost cried in Home Depot.

So, until then I will be busy. Washing a lot of things by hand. And still using paper plates and forks. And being grateful for dishwashers, cause humans weren't meant to wash this many things by hand.

Sister, send me Rut!!!

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  1. Girl, I FEEL your pain! We were without for nearly a month. With THREE children! I am spoiled and have NOT complained about loading or unloading since we got the new one! May yours come quickly! :)

  2. aw it will be okay! I am one of the weird few who likes washing the dishes by hand :)

  3. OMG I would be so frustrated too!! it always seems like things break at the worst times. I hope the week of washing by hand goes by fast!

  4. OMG seriously? the one at our beach house in sandestin is from 1982!!!!!!! And it still runs like a damn charm. It's as hidious as hell but it works. I always think for our generation things just last as damn long. sorry!

  5. That happened to us recently too. But you'll LOVE your new one.

  6. I've found washing dishes by hand to be relaxing. Maybe you'll find some sort of release as well? Go to Bed Bath and Beyond and get the drying mat, it's a God send.

  7. I just went through the same thing last week!!! I had to wash them by hand for an entire week, Horrible!!! And my better half LOVES to drink out of a 50 different glasss a day!! Ha! Hope it's not too bad for you!!



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