Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A good day for glasses

Emma got her new glasses yesterday. So far, she has been excellent about wearing them!!

Plus, she looks presh, she's my little hoot owl!

Not a great pic, but still cute!

For some reason they look really square here-not sure why???

I'm feeling better, thanks for all the well wishes. I am in the total middle of HELL week. I am about one second from totally losing my mind and temper-no lie. I just feel so swamped and overwhelmed!!!

On Monday I have report cards due-that may not sound like a big deal, but we do standards based grading, which equals about 10 grades per subject. Times 22 kids. Not to mention I am still taking up and grading quizzes all week!

Then I have my professional evaluation due Tuesday-I have to compile 4 types of professional growth evidence and make a webpage. I HATE this. For obvious reasons.

Finally, I'm in the midst if parent teacher conferences. That's enough to send anyone over the edge. I have a conference on almost all of my planning periods and after school this week and next.

So, when you add in "normal" teacher jobs and responsibilities, it's enough to send my type A self off a cliff.

Did I mention I'm married, with child, and have that precious hoot owl up there to take care of? Yeah.

Sorry for the bitching, but I'm trying to hold it together and need to vent my frustrations! ;)

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Love ya all!


  1. I hope everything settles down for you soon! Your list of things going on is exactly why my husband left teaching. I'm lucky that I don't have all of that to mess with in my teaching position. I don't know that I could ever go back to the regular classroom!

  2. Girl, that is a busy week! And without even a glass of wine to take the edge off - you're superwoman! Hope you get through it and things settle down for you soon.

  3. Oh I love her in glasses! Sweet girl. She has SO much hair now I cant get overit!! Bring her to see her Auntee!

  4. SHE looks so cute! Hang in there kiddo! You're almost through this rough patch. It'll be over before you know it!

  5. hang in there sus. If it's worth anything, I don't think I have ever been as crazy busy at work. On top of my normal work load I have had a website revamp, a communication strategy project, a member survey, an ongoing relationship with a consultant and responsible for getting him everything he needs, and about 47 other ridcioulous 1st quarter projects! Ugh! I wish we lived by each other to commiserate with one another :) and drink Amstels (when you can) ha ha. Emma bear is adorable!! Jackson misses her!

  6. Oh my gosh, with the bangs, the ponytail, the glasses, she looks like an ADULT!! When can I come down and visit, because srsly, she was like 4 months when I last saw her! Maybe when hMe comes?

    Hang in there gf, at the end of the tunnel after all the work sitch settles, it's CONVENCH!

    love you!

  7. 1. She is precious! Such a big girl in her glasses!

    2. I'm so sorry you're at the end of your rope, girlfriend. Hang in there! I hated weeks like that in the school system. Hopefully this will be one of your last ones;)

  8. 1. Emmabears looks SO gorgeous in her glasses!!! 2. You can get through all of the crap and get to SPRING BREAK and think of how amazeballs that will be! Love to all of you!

  9. MeemaLubie looks precious in her glasses! She must like being able to see things clearly if she hasn't taken them off!! I cannot wait to see her!
    Hang in there at school sweet girl - this too shall pass!
    Love y'all!!

  10. Oh, she's such a doll! Cute, cute, cute!

  11. Oh my goodness. Could she be any cuter in those glasses?! I think not!! I LOVE them! Atleast its friday... hopefully things will be calming down for you soon:)

  12. Hang in there Sus! Those weeks are beyond the WORST especially with the standard based report cards.....the evaluations sound like they have gotten crazy! And baby girl looks precious in her glasses.....OMG I could just eat her up! Hope you are feeling good besides the added school stress. Take care of that sweet baby of yours it will be here before you know it....can you believe it? We HAVE to get together this summer for sure....there is no excuse!

  13. She is too cute! I'm so glad she's taken to them. All that crying and getting worked up for nothing. Much respect for all our teachers. I never realized how many hours my teachers worked when I was school.

  14. Shut the front door. She is so stinkin' cute in those glasses. Hang in there...those weeks are the WORST!


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