Tuesday, March 29, 2011


HI! I swore I wasn't going to go so long without giving you a "conglomeration" report, and here it is, about a week later!

It's a busy season of life, that's for sure!

So, let me give you some updates on life and my CONVENCH!!!

I had my glucose test today. I PASSED!

Lots of this in my future, thank goodness!
However, my waist is not thanking me. It says, "Stop gaining weight lady!"
But, until the doctor says that, holla.

Don't forget lots of sweets too! Considering I ate almost half a carton of
Neopolitan ice cream at 9:30 before the test. Balls to wall baby.

This one has been a hot mess lately. Her new thing is purses or bags as she calls them. It is so cute. She is also saying, "Love you," except it sounds like luh you. So precious. Because? It melts me.

On Wednesday, I started preparing for my trip to Michigan with Sam and b.e.g. This was the weather forecast that I pulled up. I texted Sam and said, "WTH?" She replied with, "Bring some flip flops! This is warm!" Warm it was not! But, fun was had!

Kindle love! My dear friend Shannon let me borrow her Kindle for the trip and I had the best time reading on it. It was so handy to have about 14 books at my fingertips without any of the bulk. Now, I want my own! I really want it before Spring Break so I can travel with it and read without taking eleventy billion books. We shall see. Husband is on board with this endeavor, but he is also worrying about us buying so many things that require constant purchases. (See Keurig...........) :) My philosophy was that I am going to buy books anyway, and they're cheaper on the Kindle. We shall see!

PS-I secretly LOVE flying and airports because I can READ uninterrupted, not gonna lie.
And, it's not like I can clean or do something productive in the airport.

Upon arriving in Michigan, we went straight to eat lunch, then to spend some of my Starbucks giftcards on cake pops and red velvet whoopie pies! I have to learn how to make these things, and I don't even know how to make cookies from scratch! They were so good! And mini sized!

Rocky road cake pop!

Paisley's neck roll! B.E.G. was highly amused by this!

Fail on some noodles in prep for P Dubs DELICIOUS stuffed shells. Sam had to go to the store to get some more shells. Y'all, I am not even kidding when I say I will eat this about 2 times per week. I'm going to make at least 3 trays to freeze!

Somebody (read: not me) made some red velvet cake balls. Here they are awaiting their dressing of white chocolate. I only ate about 8 the whole weekend-I forgot to try and smuggle some home on the plane!

Not the whole batch, this was the second go round......

Mama found a new Coach bag. It is seriously sexy.
I texted Jason about it-he was less than thrilled.
However, I did not buy it. Yet. I do have SOME restraint.
I am waiting until I get another 25% off coupon. Anyone want to
donate one now so I can fulfill my bag lust? :)

We all treated ourselves to a shellac mani. It is cool. I will see how I like it before I decide if I'm getting another one in a brighter color. PS-I guess I'm clueless, but pedis in Atl cost 18$. They cost THIRTY 30!!! in Michigan. Ann Arbor. WTF? I almost passed out! Good thing I got my toes in shape last week!

UPDATE: I just re read my post and cracked up that I want a 300$ purse
and think 30$for a pedicure is ridic...just an observation.


Playing with Paisley. She sounds like an Ewok when she is excited.

Emma's present from the airport. She put tortilla chips in it when I got home on Sunday!

Super dark pic, but look at my love nug at Mexican! PS-not a
Mexican restaurant to be found in Ann Arbor. I would die.
Yes, I see that this particular paci looks a little obnox. She's still cute.


Comb over-lookin like a boy..........

Saw this today at the store. Are you for real? FAKE TOENAILS!?!?!? Gross!

So, basically I had a blast, but was ready to get back and see my little family on Sunday! Next convench will be in Atlanta in the fall! Holla, we'll put an invite out for you Atlanta bloggers!!

Spring break starts on Friday, April 1st at 3:01. CANNOT WAIT! I will update you with plans on break soon!

Have a great week!


  1. I am already so excited for Atlanta get-together. Even if I have to drive, Baby and I are sooooo coming!

  2. It sounds like you had a blast!!! Way to go!! Know you were glad to return to little bit and J. Hurry to Alabama so I can put some lovin' on that child please!!!

  3. I love my nook. It is a colored one and I can read the books in bed at night when the hubby is asleep without any lights on. Can you say score?

  4. I LOVE this post!! You are HILAR! Emma looks presh in her "goggles" and the kindle rocks. You are high if you think you need a new coach, hello the baby bag is about to take back over. Duh.

  5. I love the randomness. :-) Those red velvet whoopie pies look awesome! And FAKE TOENAILS? Ew!

  6. Love you.
    Love the Red Velvet Whoopie Pies.
    Love the cute little girl.
    Loved Convench.

    Because? All of the above are awesome.

  7. -Love that she's saying "luh you" - A-dorable!!!

    -I am the SAME way on my money rationalizing...I seriously laugh at myself sometimes over my ridiculousness.

    -Fake toenails? DISgusting! Long toenails in general make me want to barf...ugh, just gagged!

  8. Can a girlfriend get a "Barf" for those toenail things? What the holy nasty, batman?

    That nastiness aside, I HAD SO MUCH FUN LAST WEEKEND!! Fall 2011, oh yes!

    Have fun this weekend with LG and the booboos!



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