Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Break Plans!

I cannot WAIT to blow this pop stand of a town on Friday at 3:01 pm! I'm jetting out of work and heading North! After, of course, I go home and let the pups out and feed them. THEN , I'm getting the babe and we are heading to Nashville to see LG and Grannie!!!

LG has some awesome, special, once a year consignment sales for us to hit up this weekend. I am hoping to find some clothes for this child, lest he come out and have nothing to wear except the daygown my momma is making him.

Then, we are going to play with my awesome grannie. She is fitting us into her busy bridge schedule. Girlfriend is 88 and practically plays bridge as a job at Vandy.

I am much anticipating some shopping, eating, gossiping, and generally just hanging out with our babies!!!

Then, on Monday, I get to go see my parents and sissy and brother and niecey Nash!! I haven't seen them in over a month!!!

We are going to play, eat, cook out, and shop! I plan to get my awesome rad stroller recommended by LG and Nicole.

(A little blurry, but still rad nonetheless!)

Then, I'll pick up my awesome two way monitor, thanks to my in laws!

(I know you've seen these pictures before, but I really can't handle blog posts without pictures.)

I have been stockpiling Buy Buy Baby coupons and HOPE I can use some on the stroller. I know I can use some on the monitor.

I'm just super excited to leave town and do something not in my routine. I am in a major rut-this is a super late spring break for us.

Plus, I need to rejuvenate before standardized testing and more conferences!

Husband will be staying behind to work on month end stuff (financial life!) and start getting Emma's big girl room ready. He will be building her shelving in the closet and hopefully setting up the criblet and other room stuff. We only have about 10 more weeks, so we have to get it together! No more traveling or entertaining after I get back-gotta get the crack down!

What all are you doing for a spring vacay?? If not a vacay, then a break? (I know, most people don't get spring break.............but your kids do! )

I'll update with pictures and stories over the break!


  1. My break isn't until Easter weekend and then it's only Thursday-Monday! At least there will only be 1 month left when we get back!

  2. Uhmmmmmmmmm, why do you think your Mom is making this boy child a day gown to come home in? I only know girl children! We may have to exchange him for a girl? And yes, you do have one more travel plan in place................
    Easter!!! Have fun with LG and peebs (Erik face too) and hurry to see your Momma!! ♥ you!!

  3. Have fun sus! Wish I had a spring break so I could come hang too and play with babies! By the way...My city select infant seat adapter is coming your way. Mr. Masters says we have our boy and our girl, so no more babies it looks like our coming this way. So I won't ever need it again:( You are gonna LUVVVV this stroller. I do.
    I still want one of those video monitors! Dang I need to get one!!!
    Have fun in the ville. Give emma bears and fenners and your fam kisses from us.

  4. omg i just say on your baby counter...79 days to go...whoa! whoa! Little man is going to be here before we know it!

  5. Finally getting around to catching up on your blog. Girlfriend's glasses are killing me! They are entirely too cute. I keep praying that Sally won't get her dad's horrid vision, but let's be honest, if she does, it isn't that bad. Because all little kids look redic cute in glasses. Emma Rules. You too.

  6. And you're gonna see mccooma!!!


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