Saturday, March 19, 2011

Travel Tips (a.k.a. I need you...)

Sorry for the Debbie Downer post the other day, sometimes I feel like a bipolar wackadoo with my sad/happy/stressed/yay! routine. I guess it's hormones and life! :) Thanks for sticking around.

Moving on, I'm flying to Ann Arbor, MI on Friday morn for CONVENCH 2011 and can't wait. But, I have to travel with carry on since A) it's a weekend and I don't need a lot and B) I'm pregnant and don't dress cute anyway. Plus, I think it's ridic to pay MORE to check a bag. Unless I'm going to Europe or the beach or somewhere for a long time.

OK ADD lady, round it up.

I have never (since the "smackdown" of the 3 oz rule) traveled carry on with toiletries. So, I bought a nifty set of travel bathroom containers that fit into a quart size bag from Walmart. Very handy, but I have a few questions for y'all.

I am planning on putting my essentials in here like shampoo, conditioner, face wash, toner, moisturizer, body lotion, and toothpaste in here. I am planning on putting my deodorant, floss, razor (can I take a throw away razor carry on??) in my makeup bag. I'm assuming makeup like foundation (less than 3 oz) and my powdered makeups are okay to take in a makeup bag. That doesn't all have to be contained in that clear bag do they? This is where I need your help. I don't want to get to security and have 200$ worth of makeup confiscated because I can't follow directions.

Times like this (rare once a year plane travel) make me wish for a Kindle. Things are gonna be tight in that carry on, and momma needs at least 2 books to read in/on the flight. Alone time!! But, I love real books, so it's not happening.

Please share any carry on luggage advice/tips you may have!

Good thing I can borrow from my girls on the trip!


  1. Every time we've flown, my makeup has gone in a clear ziplock bag. However, the last time we flew, we had two of our children with us, and we had bought a bottle of liquid children's tylenol that far exceeded the 3 oz rule. I put it in the clear ziplock and fully expected they would confiscate it, and they said nothing about it or our razors. No idea if all that was necessary or not.

    Hope you have a blast on your travels!!! Can't wait for pics!

  2. Take a bigger purse and stick your books in there. I would check your airline online to verify their regulations! Jim had his toiletries and cologne taken when we went to St Louis a few years ago because they were full size and not in anything. The past few times I have flown I have just had my makeup bag in my purse and not had a prob!

  3. I've always just took my makeup bag and they've never taken away any of my makeup. I also flew with a regular size bottle of my face wash and the lady said "I'll let this go for one time, but in the future, you need to have 3oz bottles, not 3oz remaining in a 16 oz bottle" and I played dumb and said "I am so sorry I didn't know, ma'am" and she let me on the plane. I've also not had my regular razor confiscated and I always fly with those.

    You could fly with one book, then leave it with Sam and buy another book while we're in MI or at the airport? That would lessen the load?

    And srsly, pack yoga pants and nothing fancy, that will help - I'm going to bring 1 pair of shoes and flip flops as my footwear haha!

    I can't wait to see you both!!!

  4. Yeah, they've been pretty low-key with the 3oz rule lately. I'd just put things in the baggie to be safe..but I haven't once had them take any of my goodies. Plus, work the cute little belly and your preggo self---don't let them mess with ya! I'd also ask to go through the regular scanner, not the ones where they see your naked body. Not like you want your naked body seen by complete strangers anyway, but you can use the pregnancy excuse about them not REALLY having researched long enough to know if it's really safe for pregnant women. I was soo nervous about that when I flew at Christmas and it turned out not to be a big deal when I asked them about it. Hope you have an awesome time!

  5. Hey sweet lady! I would suggest better safe than sorry. I typically check my luggage for the simple fact that I don't want to deal with screening for liquids.

    Your razor is fine in a carry on.

    Your liquid makeup should be in the ziplock.

    Again, better safe than sorry.

  6. Generally, razors are not allowed! I tried that once and seriously, I was afraid of getting arrested. You may be lucky to smuggle it through and since it's a disposable one, it won't be super expensive if they chuck it out.
    All the liquids (or what they consider liquids - mascara, lip gloss etc.) have to fit into the plastic bag.
    I hope that helps - happy travelling!

  7. You totally crack me up because you need a kindle more than anyone I know! But I know you enjoy your book hoarding! That travel sized bag is NEAT! I think you will be just fine. They are not as crazy strict as they once were.dont forget to take some chapstick, kleenex and hand sanitizer in your purse!

  8. Do you think I could fit in your suitcase? I don't blog, just read them, but love some travel time and we sure would have fun! Check your bag and you won't have to deal with it (you are prego)!! Have a blast and love you!

  9. I always made sure that anything expensive (like my Chanel lipgloss and when I wore expensive mascara) went in the ziploc bag so they didn't throw it away! And you can take a reg razor. Happy travels, can't wait to hear all about it!!

  10. instead of reading on the plane, i would nap. but hey, that's just me. :)

  11. Last time I flew I carried on my bag, and took my laptop book bag. I put my travel sized personal products in the front pocket of my suitcase, and then put everything else non clothes related in my book bag. I also took two books, but one was a thinner book, only about 250 pages so they stacked nicely in my book bag. I didn't travel with makeup, but I'm pretty sure you can leave that in your bag and not have to worry about pulling it out to get screened.


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