Monday, March 21, 2011

This Weekend

Glorious weekend. It involved the following:

Pedicure with this color

Got a criblet.
And some bedding.
And a new mattress.
And some other decor items for HME's room.

"Bought" a new pack and play with our AmEx points,
We'll need two when we travel.

Next up on the list to buy is this monitor-a two way one. This will come in handy when Emma is trying to get out of her bed, and I can say, "LAY DOWN CHICA!"-at some point.

Got some MUCH NEEDED maternity shirts (at least 6 of them! BOGO 50 % OFF!)

Some shorts (they look stunning with the giant belly)
I swear I'm not gonna wear mine with heels, and they
aren't that tight!

 And a skirt, to make my boss happy. He will be glad when i stop wearing jeans/jean capris/2 sizes too big khakis from my first pregnancy. Plus, it's cotton, comfy, and matches my flip flops!

What did you all get up to this weekend?


  1. Sounds like you were super busy! I can't wait to hear you tell Emma to get back in bed over the monitor - yea right!!! LOL!

  2. That color is GORGEOUS, btw!

    I did the following: collected data from 105 subjects, drove 300 miles twice, went for a walk with G, went for a long run, grocery shopped for two weeks, cleaned the apartment, bought Peter Thomas Roth's complexion correction pads for me & organic shampoo for G, and made kick-ass chicken parmesan with rigatoni & red peppers for Sunday night supper!

  3. Great weekend! And cute finds on the clothes. I'm having the hardest time finding work clothes. Everything is hideous. I've found thousands of cute sundresses but not much for the other 5 days of the week. I think I'll be attempting the cotton sundress + cardigan = respectable work attire plan.

  4. Oh my. TWO pack n plays. Hadn't thought of that. Wow.

    I think you should totally wear your shorts just like that pic. It's just so flattering. (wink)

  5. Holy tight maternity shorts!!!! Geez!!!

    I'm so glad to hear they have a two-way monitor now! We love our summer video monitor but I was telling my hubby the other day that I wish you could talk into the room on it - perfect for our next one, too! {whenever that may be!}

  6. What is that polish called? I loooove it.

  7. Sounds like a VERY productive weekend! I'm actually thinking of giving up the pak-n-play in favour of something I saw in a magazine called a peapod. It folds into a little disc shape and kids can use it up to age 6! You can even use it outside for baby as a little tent bc it has a mesh top that blocks UV rays. Its pretty pricey but I think it would be worth it to not have to use up a ton of space in the tahoe and whatever room it goes it....glad you got some new maternity duds! Fun, Fun!!

  8. Love the new maternity clothes! Now I want to go shopping... I could really use a pedi ;)

  9. I love the crib! That is so gorgeous and perfect for a boy! I kind of wish we had went with a dark wood but I choose white because I was thinking it would work for baby #2. Whenever that is...

    We have that same pack and play. It is fab!

    How much are you finding yourself buying for #2? We saved all Cooper's stuff so I'm really hoping we won't have to buy much.


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