Tuesday, April 5, 2011

World Travelers-ok, South Eastern US travelers

Well, we kicked off our Spring Break on Friday at 3:01, as promised. I didn't offish get on the road until about 4:20 because I had to deal with dog children and getting Emma from the baby sitter's house.

I guess I underestimated how long of a trip the drive from Atl to Nashville would really take (with a  toddler and an almost 30 week pregnant woman), because we stopped SIX times to go to the bathroom, feed baby, feed mommy, go to the bathroom, etc. It was ridic. Emma passed out in Manchester around 7:30 or 8:00, and we rolled into Grizaland about 9:00.

I put Emma down and gossiped with Laura and Cory until late (11:00!!) ha!

Emma met Peebles the next day, and they spent the majority of their time on this awesome playmat (that I promptly ordered from Amazon).

They got along really well. Check out LG's blog for more deets. Emma loved giving Peebs toys (piles of them) and then taking them back in ten minutes time and saying, "Mine!" Yikes on sharing. We have some work to do.

We went to see my Grannie while I was in Nashville. We stopped by Ivey Cakes for some (8) cupcakes. Emma got a mini cupcake and put it down after dinner.

Emma rediscovered her love of the exersaucer while at Peebs' house. Here she is hiding his Weeble Wobbles underneath and then fetching them.

I got it!! And it is glorious. And I may have had a small breakdown in the store when they informed me that I could not use any coupons on a Baby Jogger stroller. Those mother humps are already making $700 off of me, then won't let me use a 20% off coupon on the stroller. Puh-lease. Whatev. I am very pleased, and after sister put it together, we took the girls on a cruise around the neighborhood.


Presh Scarlet sitting in a cute chair at Mom's house.
Scarlet may look like she is in a full body cast, but her
mother forgot to pack her some warm clothes for the day, so she had to
wear Emma's white leggings today.

The beast in all its glory.

Essex scores from the weekend with LG. Little People for $2.99.

A Sing*a*ma*jig for $5.99

An Elmo mailbox shape sorter. Only $4.99!

Emma has some presents in waiting for another holiday/event!

11 month old Scarlet walking behind the baby stroller!!
Look at this adorbs green cloth diaper she is sporting!

Cousins! Emma looks like she is saying, "First of all.........."
They both pounded PB&J sandwiches for dinner and have it all over their faces.

We are figuring out how to dissect take this turtle apart! Scarlet is working hard! Emma is observing.

I will update you all on the rest of our week later! Hope all is well.

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Love ya all!


  1. Ok, LOVE the stroller! Can't wait to see y'all! And "full body cast" lol!!

  2. Can I steal your baby girl? I just heart her and want to play with her and cuddle her and feed her copious amounts of messy cupcakes! Eeek!

  3. So many cute photos! Sounds like a great trip.

  4. Sounds like you're having one hell of a spring break! When I get pregs, I want to be as awesome as you - seriously, you get down and have fun even at almost 30 weeks pregs!

    Emma boo looks super-presh and super-smart with her glasses, I'm proud girlfriend can put down a cupcake with the best of them! *tear*

  5. Oh I love all of these adorable pictures!! The munchkin has a singamajig too and it is so funny. I still can't get over how cute her glasses are on her.

  6. I love seeing Emma and Letta together! SO cute and sweet! I just realized when you have Harry you gotta update your blog header STAT. Those pictures of neema are old skool! Congrats on the stroller

  7. btw sonne has the same stroller and loves it. puts the kids in facing each other and works out really good. we actually took it on a 5k with both kids and put max's choc lab pup in the bottom of it and everyone was happy. you'll love it


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